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"I have attended nine TAP courses in all since 2010, led by six different trainers, and every one was a 10 out of 10 learning experience. Achieving the TAP Master Diploma is fantastic!"

    Marisa Martinez Ortiz, Epsom & St Helier NHS, TAP Master Diploma, Feb 2014

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"The week after the course I found myself using literally all the techniques and language patterns I'd learned and the delegate feedback was excellent. The investment's been paid back in full!"

Andrew Greaves, Tenet Group, Facilitation, 12-14th Feb 2014

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"Engaging, enjoyable, informative. The facilitator created a brilliant learning environment, adapted to the different experience levels in the group." (Carla completed her TAP Diploma with this course)

Carla Magnus, RBS,  Training Design & Development, 19-21st Feb 2014

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"Really good, it's given me lots of new ideas to take back to work. Delivering better coaching = improved performance."

Harriet Davis, Invesco Perpetual, Coaching,  27-28th Jan 2014

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"Fantastic! An excellent, informative, much needed and timely course. I will now be able to contribute to the strategy and understanding of stakeholders."

James Allen, Ageas Insurance, Implementing Online Learning, 30-31st Jan 2014

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"Exactly what I needed, I wonder what took me so long to attend! I always learn a lot on your courses. The facilitator was very engaging and encouraging."

Nathalie Desta, Visa Europe, L&D Management, 15-17th Jan 2014

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"Very excellent, exceeded my expectations!  Thank you for making me believe in myself and building great confidence in me. A wealth of knowledge in a short period of learning."

Judith Imariagbe, Nigeria National Petroleum,  Fast-track Training Delivery,           30 Mar - 1st Apr 2014

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  • "A big thank you for firstly to The Training Foundation providing such a course and secondly for having such a gem as Louise on your team."
    Mark McCreesh, The Student Loans CompanyE-learning Design, 16th Apr 2014
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  • "A very big thank you to Neil and all the other guys on  my course... it was fab!!"
    Beth Smitheram, Clarke WillmottCertificate In Education & Training, 11th Apr 2014
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  • "Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative three days... thoroughly enjoyed the whole course."
    Sandra Roe, NATSFacilitation, 11th Apr 2014
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  • "Fantastic with a brilliant trainer and fantastic delegates. A big thank you for making me a better and more effective trainer."
    Simon Carter, BabcockFacilitation, 11th Apr 2014
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  • "Very interesting, challenging but very rewarding. Feedback for my skills is invaluable. Thank you to The Training Foundation and Dawn, she gave me a lovely presentation of my Diploma."
    Lesley Britton-Shaw, Hanover HousingFacilitation, 11th Apr 2014
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  • "A super way to spend the last three days - and beneficial to my chosen career. Dawn was very approachable, fun and knowledgeable.. an all-round good egg!!"
    Robert Brock, SpecsaversFacilitation, 11th Apr 2014
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  • "Thank you to our facilitators for making it a truly interactive experience and for all their help and support with the coursework for the course."
    Sandra Loach, Isle of Man GovernmentBlended Learning, 10th Apr 2014
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  • "Very engaging and thought provoking without taking me too far out of my comfort zone. Thanks to John for delivering a really interactive and engaging session."
    Steve Cook, Nationwide Building SocietyL&D Consultancy, 10th Apr 2014
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  • "Brilliantly delivered. I felt engaged all the way through, confident in what I was doing and now I feel I've gained some great new skills to go and apply to my role. I'm not always confident as role-play but loved this and felt it was hugely beneficial. Thank you"
    Claire Gladwyn, Nationwide Building SocietyL&D Consultancy, 10th Apr 2014
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  • "Excellent, really enjoyed it, a great two days. Cannot wait to start using the video camera. Laura was very knowledgeable,  confident and friendly. Many thanks."
    Max Waldron, BAE SystemsDesign Performance Support, 9th Apr 2014
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  • "Well-structured and surpassed my expectations. It has provided me with the confidence to be able to undertake my role more confidently and effectively. I should have undertaken this course a year ago when I started in this role. A BIG thank you"
    Cal Horne, Defence Academy of the UKBlended Learning, 8th Apr 2014
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  • "Fantastic as usual and great structure. A very enjoyable two days, thank you for your support. Dawn was very supportive with clear instructions, great energy and very approachable."
    Maria Parry, M. Parry Professional Contracting Solutions LtdCoaching, 8th Apr 2014
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  • "Great course, enjoyed all the tasks. I was pleasantly surprised how good the scenario tasks were. Fantastic content, very convenient to view whenever and wherever I am. The course practiced what it preached. The facilitators were fantastic and added a lot to the course. All of my expectations were met and ex..."
    Alex Gilbert, Vanquis BankBlended Learning, 4th Apr 2014
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  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the course, very interesting, I learnt a lot more than I thought I would. I liked the online approach which enabled you to have a session with other learners once a week then complete the coursework in your own time."
    Katherine Saunders, Great Western HospitalsBlended Learning, 4th Apr 2014
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  • "Thank you very much for three days of hard work, it was well worth it! It was very informative, enjoyable and ran at a great pace."
    Alistair Robbins, Merlin Housing SocietyTraining Delivery, 4th Apr 2014
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  • "Really good fun and really good learning experience. I found the 'structuring a session' part particularly useful. Thank you very much! I felt very looked after by all the staff, especially Frances."
    Kathryn Wright, BankstreamTraining Delivery, 4th Apr 2014
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  • "Thank you very much for all your support and kindness. Also thank you for giving me the skills to succeed."
    Roy Wells, Babcock (VW Group)Training Delivery, 4th Apr 2014
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  • "Thank you very much for an excellent piece of learning and challenging our ways and views - what we do and could we do better."
    David Ord, M&S BankTraining Design & Development, 4th Apr 2014
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  • "First class, Thank you immensely for a very thoroughly enjoyable course, enjoyed all aspects. Neil was exceptional in his delivery of all subjects and a credit to the Foundation."
    Gary Stoddart, AMSL / HIALTraining Delivery, 4th Apr 2014
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  • "It was a great experience and different/interesting new way of learning online an obtaining new skills and knowledge. It was a new concept for me as I'd never experienced online webinars and helped me embrace a new way of learning which I thoroughly enjoyed."
    Jayne Taylor, Warwickshire County CouncilBlended Learning, 3rd Apr 2014
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  • "I cannot emphasise enough the business benefit that the TAP programme has provided. The versatility of the TAP methodology enables it to encompass every aspect of our training, the practicality enabled rapid implementation into our working process."

    Gail Potts, L&D Manager,
    Global Payments

  • "The Training Foundation has contributed more than any other organisation in the UK to the up-skilling of learning and development professionals in the use of new learning technologies"

    Clive Shepherd Consultant and Author of The Blended Learning Cookbook and The New Learning Architect

  • "I would say that, for any trainer, in any organisation, a TAP Diploma is the qualification they definitely need. It really means something in the training world."

    Chris Norburn Director, Training Matters

  • "The TAP qualifications our Trainers have achieved with The Training Foundation have made a real difference to the quality and professionalism of our training"

    Gareth Roberts Head of Training,   Admiral Group

  • "TAP qualifications are a key part of our training strategy to develop outstanding in-house trainers and design innovative programmes that have won national training awards"

    Andy Lancaster L&D Manager, Hanover Housing Association
    (now Head of L&D at the CIPD)



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