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"A great 2 days, excellent, really enjoyed it. Very confident now about using the new skills back at work, to put new mechanisms in place to enhance workplace training and support."

Max Waldron, BAE Systems,  Designing Performance Support Resources, 8-9th April 2014

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"Really great!  I feel very confident about applying my new skills, Dawn always made me feel good about what I was doing and reinforced it. I didn't realise learning could be so much fun!"

Sophie Armitage, Experian,  Training Delivery (new trainers) 24-28th  Mar 2014

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"All aspects were delivered excellently, especially the 1 to 1 support given. It exceeded my expectations and made me feel very confident about carrying out a Training Needs Analysis."

Mhya Happyjohn, Nigeria National Petroleum, Training Needs Analysis, 1-2nd April

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"Very excellent, exceeded my expectations!  Thank you for making me believe in myself and building great confidence in me. A wealth of knowledge in a short period of learning."

Judith Imariagbe, Nigeria National Petroleum,  Fast-track Training Delivery,           30 Mar - 1st Apr 2014

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"Fantastic for me! I got a lot out of this course and I feel confident that the tools and resources provided on the TAP Academy website will be instrumental to my management action plan. I recommend it!"

Karina Rodriguez, VISA, L&D Management, 30 Apr-2nd May 2014

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"The course was really helpful and exceeded my expectations. I feel confident about applying my new skills. The facilitator was very supportive, exhibiting the behaviours we need to model throughout."

Lauren Olson, Experian,  Facilitation, 11-13th June 2014, completing the Diploma in Learning Facilitation

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"Excellent! Once again, it was a pleasure to be here. The Training Foundation always have the right blend of theory and 'real world' application in their courses."

Steve Chadwick, NHBC,  Facilitation, 11-13th Jun 2014

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  • "TAP qualifications are a key part of our training strategy to develop outstanding in-house trainers and design innovative programmes that have won national training awards"

    Andy Lancaster L&D Manager, Hanover Housing Association
    (now Head of L&D at the CIPD)

  • "The Training Foundation has contributed more than any other organisation in the UK to the up-skilling of learning and development professionals in the use of new learning technologies"

    Clive Shepherd Consultant and Author of The Blended Learning Cookbook and The New Learning Architect

  • "I would have no hesitation in recommending the TAP methodology to evaluate and train trainers"

    Stuart Lowry Training Director,  Capita Learning & Development



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