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'Having held senior L&D roles in two major Banks with some 400 TAP-qualified trainers, I'd say that applying TAP methodology resulted in a 30-40% improvement in design, learning and delivery'  

Sandra Penfold, Global Head of Learning, Risk and Compliance, Nov 2014           (ex-HSBC & Barclays)

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"Engaging, enjoyable, informative. The facilitator created a brilliant learning environment, adapted to the different experience levels in the group."

Carla Magnus, RBS,  Training Design & Development, 2014 (completing her Diploma)

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"Very interactive. The case studies and role plays helped my learning immensely. An excellent facilitator brought them to life, a thoroughly informative and enjoyable 3 days!"

Rob Porter, British Airways, L&D Consultancy, 2014

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"I really enjoyed the course and the interactive, friendly atmosphere, the new skills will improve my delivery style. Brilliant facilitator, can't suggest how the course could be improved!"

Sharon Ball, Nationwide,  Fast-track Training Delivery, 2014

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'Fantastic for me! I got a lot out of this course and I feel confident that the tools and resources provided on the TAP Academy website will be instrumental to my management action plan. I recommend it!'

Karina Rodriguez, VISA, L&D Management, 2014

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"A fantastic facilitator, got everyone involved and embedded the learning. Thank you for an excellent 3 days!"

Andrew Johnson, Volkswagen, Training Design & Development, 2014

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"Fantastic, the learning was excellent and I was able to recall easily due to the structure being fun and engaging. Thank you and see you again soon!"

Mel Gloyn, Serco, Training Design & Development, 2014

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"Extremely useful and informative, will dramatically increase the quality of our learning materials. The highest-quality facilitator I have ever worked with."

Dr John Varzgar, BAE Systems,  Training Design & Development, 2014

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"Excellent, it will improve our design and clarity of message, loved it."

Steve Morey, Specsavers, Visual Impact, 2014

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  • "TAP qualifications are a key part of our training strategy to develop outstanding in-house trainers and design innovative programmes that have won national training awards"

    Andy Lancaster L&D Manager, Hanover Housing Association
    (now Head of L&D at the CIPD)

  • "The Training Foundation has contributed more than any other organisation in the UK to the up-skilling of learning and development professionals in the use of new learning technologies"

    Clive Shepherd Consultant and Author of The Blended Learning Cookbook and The New Learning Architect

  • "Having a mechanism by which to carry out robust assessments of delivery consistently across the teams is a real bonus. As an Accredited Gold TAP Partner, we will continue to support the TAP programme to further develop the skills of our teams of L&D professionals"

    Liz De Saulles SAP Education Manager, Transport for London

  • "I would have no hesitation in recommending the TAP methodology to evaluate and train trainers"

    Stuart Lowry ex-Training Director,  Capita Learning & Development



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