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"Simply fantastic, in 5 days I've had nothing short of a revelation in terms of my training delivery skills, knowledge and confidence."

Darren May, Affinity Sutton, Training Delivery (new trainers) 13-17th Jan 2014

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"The course was fantastic! I feel very confident about applying my new skills to structure a professional training session. The facilitator was brilliant - thank you for a great week, 10 out of 10!"

Joshua Crisp-Jones, Goodyear Dunlop,  Training Delivery (new trainers) 24-28th Mar 2014

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"The course was enjoyable, relevant and well delivered. The facilitator was impressive in terms of structure, content, knowledge and facilitation techniques."

Bruno Ramos, Covidien, Coaching, 9-10th June 2014, completing the Diploma in Learning Facilitation

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"All the Diploma courses were superb, 10 out 10 learning experiences. The facilitators were all fantastic. I feel very confident about applying these new skills back at work. Can't suggest any improvements!"

Claire Osgood, Ageas,  Diploma in Learning Facilitation, completed May 2014

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"Very excellent, exceeded my expectations!  Thank you for making me believe in myself and building great confidence in me. A wealth of knowledge in a short period of learning."

Judith Imariagbe, Nigeria National Petroleum,  Fast-track Training Delivery,           30 Mar - 1st Apr 2014

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"The facilitators on the Diploma courses were really excellent - supportive, knowledgeable and inspiring. Thank you for a brilliant Diploma programme!"

   Nikki Parrett, Ageas, Diploma in Learning Facilitation, completed May 2014

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  • "I would have no hesitation in recommending the TAP methodology to evaluate and train trainers"

    Stuart Lowry Training Director,  Capita Learning & Development

  • "The Training Foundation has contributed more than any other organisation in the UK to the up-skilling of learning and development professionals in the use of new learning technologies"

    Clive Shepherd Consultant and Author of The Blended Learning Cookbook and The New Learning Architect

  • "TAP qualifications are a key part of our training strategy to develop outstanding in-house trainers and design innovative programmes that have won national training awards"

    Andy Lancaster L&D Manager, Hanover Housing Association
    (now Head of L&D at the CIPD)



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