TAP's 2016 Queen's Award for Innovation


                                                TAP's second Innovation Award was

                    "Awarded for innovation in the Quality
                   Assurance of Learning & Development"


    Quality-assuring training programmes from start to finish - from defining
                the business objectives to measuring the business outcomes...

                     the TAP 3-Step model

Step 1  is the modular TAP Training Skills Framework.  Recognised by a Queen's Award in 2005, TAP Certificates and Diplomas have assisted 28,000+ L&D professionals to deliver high-quality training to best-practice Standards.

Step 2  is the TAP Certified Assessor Programme. Recognised by our second Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2016 – see the Queen’s Award official magazine feature on page 98-99 here. Senior team members can be trained in TAP's unique assessment methodologies, enabling quality assurance of all training activities to best-practice Standards. But even the highest-quality training is pointless unless new skills and knowledge learned are actually applied back in the workplace. So...

Step 3  is the TAP MACRO Learning Transfer System, designed to ensure optimal application of formal training to workplace performance. Improving learning transfer is high priority in many organisations and MACRO offers a systematic, best-practice solution.

                                                               more about the   3-Step model


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The Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation
presented by Vice Lord Lieutenant Colonel George Marsh TD
on 5th September 2016



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