About TAP


The TAP logo signifies Quality Assurance in Learning & Development
28,000+ TAP-Accredited practitioners are employed in 1,400+ companies

TAP is aligned to the L&D Standards published by the British Institute for Learning & Development
the UK's only full-spectrum L&D Standards portfolio

TAP Accreditation signifies conformance to best-practice Standards
The TAP Certified Assessor Programme enables quality-control


TAP  3-Step Quality-Assurance Programme

Step 1   TAP L&D Skills and Qualifications

The two objectives behind the TAP Programme

All TAP Qualifications and courses

The TAP 3-Step Programme to Quality-Assured L&D

TAP Qualifications require assessment of competence  

TAP's 2016 Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 

Awarding body: British Institute for Learning & Development 

TAP's 2005 Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation

Short-courses and workshops for subject matter experts      

Cost-effective ways to procure TAP Training 

TAP Academy 





Step 2  TAP for Quality-Assured L&D

Step 3   TAP Learning Transfer System

TAP is built on best-practice L&D Standards

The MACRO Learning Transfer System

TAP Accreditation for L&D Functions 

The MACRO Learning Transfer workshop

TAP Accreditation for L&D Professionals 

The TAP Certificate in Learning Transfer

TAP's Certified Assessor Programme



TAP Testimonials


                          Course Feedback    Senior L&D Executives


                             TAP Delegate Surveys    Case Studies





L&D strategy 


2016; TAP WINS SECOND QUEEN'S AWARD FOR INNOVATION - for the Quality Assurance of L&D


 The Queen's representative presenting the Award on
5th September 2016...