TAP Qualifications are awarded by the British Institute for L&D


All TAP Qualifications are externally verified and Awarded by The British Institute for Learning & Development, which is focused on professionalising a career in L&D. In recognition of the standard of professional practice that the Training Accreditation Programme guarantees, the Institute's Membership requirements are aligned to TAP.  Applicants for membership are required to hold a TAP Qualification, or provide a portfolio of evidence to an equivalent standard.


 “The BILD is delighted to be integrally involved with the TAP programme, which for 15 years has done more to enhance the quality of learning than any other UK training qualifications. The BILD believes that L&D practitioners should be required to meet a common standard of professional practice, evidenced by appropriate Certification.

The Board has observed first-hand the widespread, employer-led adoption of TAP in recent years. We have concluded that this groundswell of commitment to best-practice standards now enables the Institute to
progress its key objective of professionalising a career in L&D.

By requiring all applicants for BILD membership from 1st Oct 2015 to hold a TAP Certificate or Diploma,
the BILD post-nominal letters will become a guarantee of best-practice.“

David Apparicio, BILD Chair





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