Training tips


Members of the TAP Academy can review many short video training tips from the fantastic TAP training team

Here are a few examples...


 From Paul
Training with confidence



Two tips from Neil

Building confidence in your learners

Helping learners accept change



The TAP Academy


The TAP Academy offers a range of no-charge benefits to members. All those holding a TAP Qualification and who agree to the Academy's Code of Professional Conduct are free to become Academy members.  Also, delegates currently enrolled on a TAP programme have restricted access for the duration of their course(s).

During 2014, the Academy website will be expanded to provide members with additional resources. For example, training tip videos, forums, articles, reports, podcasts, videos, self-study modules, case studies, FAQs, games, questionnaires and quizzes to name a few!  Of course, those undertaking current programmes will find pre- and post-course resources to enhance their TAP learning experience!




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Training tips



Three great tips
from Debbie

Use of flip charts, Remembering names, Fitting content into your allotted time