The TAP MACRO Learning Transfer System

‘Run training courses and then hope for the best’ – a common expectation? It’s widely acknowledged that less than 20% of corporate learning is actually applied in the workplace and improves performance, wasting 80% of training budgets. 

A key reason is the lack of a coherent and systematic approach to ensuring that transfer takes place. Even training that is designed and delivered to best-practice TAP standards is less effective than it should be if not supported by a systematic transfer process. It's analogous to buying a Rolls-Royce and then leaving it on the drive - it goes nowhere and is a complete waste of money!

Yes, it's difficult, often because nobody takes responsibility for it, but things have to change. Many TAP customers were telling us they knew they have a problem, but were unclear what to do about it.

At The Training Foundation we believe that Learning Transfer is so important that a senior project team carried out an 18-month R&D project to develop a generic, best-practice (but pragmatic!) solution.

This is the MACRO® Learning Transfer System, which is Step 3  in TAP's  3-Step L&D Quality-Assurance Programme


MACRO focuses on 5 drivers of learning transfer as can be seen from the graphic.  Each of these is vital for transfer excellence: give any one or more inadequate focus and attention and the value chain is broken and sub-optimal transfer will inevitably occur.

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