TAP's Certified Assessor Programme

Before TAP, without objective assessment Standards, performance reviews of trainers were often a case of ‘beauty being in the eye of the beholder’. If assessment was simply the subjective personal opinion of the observer, dispute and resentment would often follow.

With TAP's best-practice L&D Standards, objective assessment of training delivery, design and other core skills was now possible and indeed integral to all TAP courses.

However, it is clearly important that trainer performance be regularly assessed to ensure consistent quality and that led to development of the TAP Certified Assessor Programme. This enables senior internal L&D personnel to be trained in TAP's best-practice assessment methodologies for on-going performance monitoring.

The Programme, which is Step 2 in TAP's 3-Step Programme, enables quality-assurance of Training Delivery, Training Design (classroom and e-Learning) and Online Facilitation Skills. 

It is accessible to all L&D functions that wish to monitor and assess training skills (subject to mimumum conditions) and teams that have adopted TAP as a standard methodology (TAP Partnership) and have either achieved Step 1 or are on the way to doing so.

To find out more about becoming a TAP Partner

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