TAP Qualifications

...are relevant to everyone involved in L&D:

The TAP Survey - 726 respondents



As the TAP Learning System was into its second decade in 2009, more than 18,000 TAP certificates had been issued. It was timely to investigate the lasting impact that TAP has made to raising training standards

How has it changed the way that respondents work? 

What are the most valuable elements of TAP?

What impact does TAP have on learning experiences?


To find out the answers, the British Institute for Learning & Development
and The Training Foundation collaborated on the UK’s most extensive
Survey of L&D qualified practitioners

There were 726 respondents from 379 organisations - the survey was externally moderated by Dr Philomena Alston, an educational consultant for ABC Awards and the University of Chester. The results were astounding...

...for example, respondents gave an overall advocacy rating of    96.4%


Download an Overview of the TAP Survey Reportor the full Survey Report 


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The External


Dr Philomena Alston, an external verifier for ABC Awards, was the Survey's moderator




"I have been privileged to see the
work of The Training Foundation
in action.

This gave me the opportunity to see highly creative, dynamic teaching carried out with a clear and sympathetic understanding of the needs of the learners involved"