A Diploma Awards day




 "More and more now, organisations are wanting TAP-qualified trainers
to deliver their programs

Being a Training Foundation,
TAP-qualified trainer now means something within the training world

So for me, having completed this Diploma is absolutely fantastic"

Chris Norburn
L&D Consultant



"I would definitely recommend the TAP modules. I think it's important, if you are going into a training role, you do need the essential building blocks to do that properly"

Marcia Samson
Denton Wilde Sapte


The TAP Diplomas

With more employers adopting the TAP methodologies each year, a TAP Diploma is now the most prestigious training qualification available to L&D professionals. Achievement is recognised by post-nominal letters, TAP.dip

Flexibility   The expanding range of skills asked of today's L&D professional demands flexibility in how a TAP Diploma can be achieved. Each Diploma requires completion of 2 core Certificates and 2 elective Certificates.  Individual courses booked towards a Diploma may be transferred/cancelled in accordance with published terms and re-booked as required, providing flexibility to meet changing job-roles and skills needs.

Discounted fees  Diploma fees (£4,200 +vat) reflect up to a 20% discount on individual course fees if booked separately. 

Cancellations   While individual courses may be transferred/cancelled and re-booked, it is not possible to cancel a Diploma Purchase Order once this has been invoiced by The Training Foundation.


The TAP Diplomas Framework

TAP Diploma in Learning Facilitation

TAP Diploma in Learning Design                    

TAP Diploma in e-Learning

TAP Diploma in L&D Consultancy                

TAP Diploma in L&D Management              

TAP Master Diploma

TAP Diploma in Healthcare L&D

TAP Diploma in L&D Administration


Download the  2014 TAP Diplomas Guide

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 "Having achieved the TAP Diploma,
in terms of my profile within the organisation I'm seen as a
more effective trainer

I also manage trainers so it helped me develop my team and provide a structure for the department

I would recommend a TAP Diploma for anybody in the L&D environment"

Julie Pardy
Portman Building Society



"When I first heard about TAP I thought that, already having a training qualification it would be more of the same. But it wasn't  -  it was completely different

I've listened today to how more experienced trainers have had their careers benefited by having a TAP Diploma and I'm hoping it'll do the same for me!"

Darren Johnson


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