TAP Accreditation for L&D Professionals


TAP Accreditation for L&D Professionals

External Accreditation to a respected standard differentiates the Professional from the rest, that's why more than 34,000 have chosen TAP for their initial training and/or on-going professional development. Many TAP-qualified professionals have told us they have achieved either promotion or job moves through having TAP qualifications on their CV, which are highly valued by employers. 


The first step towards full Accreditation is achievement of one or more TAP Certificates.

Applicants for membership of the TAP Academy are also invited to sign their agreement to the Academy's Code of Professional Conduct. These requirements being met, applicants are admitted to the Academy as TAP Certified L&D Practitioners, receive the Practitioner lapel pin as shown and are recognised by the TAP.cert post-nominal letters.

A TAP professional Certficate qualifies applicants for Associate Membership of The British Institute for Learning & Development. 


  tap_accredited_ld_professional_3.png            Practitioners who achieve a TAP Diploma and have agreed to the TAP Academy's Code of Professional Conduct are admitted to the TAP Academy as TAP Accredited L&D Professionals. They are recognised by the TAP.dip post-nominal letters and an Accredited L&D Professional badge.  A TAP Diploma qualifies applicants for full Membership of The British Institute for Learning & Development.


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Accredited for
Institute membership

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  "I now consider myself a Learning and Development Professional. That in itself is testament to what TAP has done for me but it has also changed the way our team is viewed within our organisation"simonmeekings2.jpg

Simon Meekings TAP.dip
Senior Trainer, Atkins Global 



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