The two objectives behind the TAP Programme


Enabling the Quality Assurance of
organisational Learning and Development

It is widely reported that less than 20% of formal training is actually applied in the workplace. Perhaps
this explains why many senior managers regard training as an expense of the business (which can be cut
when times are hard) and not as an investment in future innovation, growth and wealth creation.

Improving the status quo requires a radical rethink as to how organisational learning programmes are 
administered and a concerted focus on quality-assuring all training activities to best-practice Standards.
L&D teams that adopt TAP as a standard methodology are awarded Accredited L&D Partner recognition.

TAP offers an innovative 3-Step Programme to assist this. Of course, you cannot quality-assure any
business function without highly-competent people...


Professionalising a career in
Learning & Development

The recognised Professions, such as the law, accountancy and teaching, require individual practitioners to
achieve formal qualifications and conformance to industry standards. These requirements ensure the quality of
practice across the Profession.  Regrettably, training has not been like that - anyone with some knowledge
or expertise in a particular subject area has been able to call themselves a 'trainer'

From inception of the Training Accreditation Programme in 1998, enabling everyone involved in training
others to develop the skills and qualifications to be viewed as a Professional has been a primary focus.

Today, more than 28,000 L&D Professionals are Accredited to best-practice Standards, evidenced by the
post-nominal letters, TAP.cert, TAP.dip or TAP.mdip

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Strategic partners with
a shared objective...

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 The Training Foundation and the British Institute for Learning & Development share the common objective of elevating a career in L&D to that of a genuine Profession.



'TAP's long and winding road to Quality-Assure Learning & Development' 



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