Why is L&D


The myth persists that all you
need to train other people is
subject matter knowledge

This ignores the vital importance of
training skills and undermines the
value and status of L&D practitioners

The Training Foundation's
mission is to 'fly the flag' for
L&D, enabling it to be recognised
as a genuine Profession through
TAP Qualifications and Accreditation



The TAP story so far
1998 - 2013


The key objective of the TAP Programme...


...enabling the 'professionalising'
of Learning & Development

L&D practitioners

Qualifications and Accreditation
are the hallmarks of a Professional

TAP Training Qualifications  for professional development
TAP Accreditation  recognised by post-nominal letters              
New to training?    start your TAP journey here
Subject matter experts?  foundation skills courses

There are now more than 25,000 TAP-qualified trainers
whose professional practice is aligned to TAP standards

L&D functions

Accreditation to best-practice standards
demonstrates professionalism

Quality assurance   is challenging but necessary
TAP Accreditation   signifies the challenge is being met!

 Today, more than 1,400 organisations across the private and
public sectors are benefiting from the TAP methodologies 



Is change needed?


TAP founder Nick Mitchell says:

"I feel strongly that a career in
L&D needs to be seen as a genuine 'profession' in its own right
- not just an adjunct to HR"

In this video clip, Nick reviews the CIPD's approach to L&D and asks...
'is there a better alternative?'



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