Strategic partners with
a shared objective...


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The Training Foundation and the British Institute for Learning & Development share the common objective of elevating a career in L&D to that of a genuine Profession

Consistent with this objective, all applicants for membership are required to hold TAP Certification





The objective behind the TAP Programme

Enabling the Quality-Assurance
of Learning & Development

The recognised Professions, such as the law, accountancy and teaching, require individual practitioners to achieve formal qualifications and conformance to industry standards. These requirements ensure the quality of practice across the Profession.  Regrettably, training has never been quite like that - anyone with some knowledge or expertise in a particular subject area has been able to call themselves a 'trainer'

TAP is uniquely focused on enabling both L&D functions and practitioners
to quality-assure their performance. If that concept aligns with
your own objective, TAP offers unique tools  to assist you 


' TAP's long and winding road to
Quality-Assure Learning & Development'

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Recognition for L&D Professionals...

A TAP Diploma is today the UK's premier L&D Qualification

Holders are recognised by an Accreditation badge and
TAP.dip post-nominal letters

They qualify for membership of the BILD with MBILD post-nominal letters

Thousands of trainers across all sectors have achieved or are
working towards one of the

TAP Diplomas,



Professional Membership