Are blind spots preventing your organisation from 'professionalising' L&D?


It seems bizarre, given the strategic importance of organisations becoming learning organisations, that two fundamental blind spots 
still widely persist...
(published in HR Grapevine's Guide to Learning Technology, 2015)



 Nick Mitchell's view 
CEO, The Training Foundation

The objective behind the TAP Programme


...enabling the 'professionalising'
of Learning & Development

The foreword to the 2014 CIPD L&D Survey observed

"Our findings suggest that learning and development
functions are increasingly professionalising their approach"

Professional L&D functions
are recognised as

Accredited TAP Partners 



TAP's first 15 years -
a long and winding road!

1998 - 2013 




Recognition for L&D Professionals...

It takes much effort and commitment to achieve a TAP Diploma and qualify as a TAP-Accredited L&D Professional

This is recognised by an Accreditation badge, and also permits use of the TAP.dip post-nominal letters

Thousands of trainers across all sectors have achieved or are
working towards one of the

TAP Diplomas and  Accreditation


find out more in the

TAP Accreditation booklet

for L&D Professionals 


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