Shows compliance
with Standards


 TAP meets the
Systematic Approach to Training
(SAT)  specifications required in regulated sectors, covering all five elements of the ADDIE model 


For evaluating the ROI on training (ADDIE step 5) the unique
Learning Assessment System
enables evaluation at 
Kirkpatrick Level 3

Why be TAP-Accredited?


The Training Foundation made strenuous and concerted efforts 
to achieve and maintain ISO-9001 Accreditation


Because external accreditation to a credible, best-practice standard
confirms that our products, services and processes are quality-based
- and that's important to us, and our clients!

For L&D, the TAP Training Accreditation insignia is the equivalent
of ISO for organisational quality. It identifies quality and is
achievable at both organisational and individual levels


 Accreditation of the L&D function

Accreditation of learning designs

L&D Professional Accreditation





TAP is becoming the
de facto L&D standard!


 a majority of FTSE100 companies
now employ TAP-qualified trainers


employers increasingly specify
TAP when recruiting trainers


some 29,000 TAP Qualifications have now been awarded, growing by 2,000+ a year



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