TAP is built on best-practice L&D Standards


The TAP Programme is closely aligned with the 'Standards for L&D'
published by the British Institute for Learning & Development


Background   There have been several quangos responsible for the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for L&D since TAP's introduction in 1998 (eg the Training & Development Lead Body, the Lifelong Learning UK Sector Skills Council and the Learning & Skills Improvement Service). However, regrettably all were almost exclusively focused on the needs of teachers in the Further Education Sector involved with individual learning.  They failed to engage effectively with the needs of employers whose focus is on organisational learning, and hence neglected the much wider skills needs of the L&D practitioners they employ. This failing was a key factor in their demise. Today, there are no credible, fit-for-purpose NOS available to employers.

In 2016  the only credible full-spectrum Standards for the UK's Learning & Development practitioners are those developed and maintained by The British Institute for Learning & Development (BILD).

All TAP courses deliver assessable Competencies closely aligned with these Standards. Successful Certification following assessment qualifies applicants for professional grades of membership of the Institute. 

The detailed TAP Competency Framework, with cross-referencing to BILD L&D Standards, is available free of charge from The British Institute or The Training Foundation on request.

Together the BILD Standards and the TAP Diplomas Framework enable employers to develop internal career pathway and competency frameworks for their L&D Professionals. This unique capability is why a majority of FTSE100 companies now employ TAP-qualified trainers and training methodologies.


Why be TAP-Accredited?


The Training Foundation makes strenuous and concerted efforts to maintain its ISO-9001 Certification (Number GB20044554) - why?   Because external accreditation to a credible, best-practice standard confirms that our products, services and processes are quality-based - and that's important to us and our clients!

Becoming TAP-Accredited demonstrates conformance to best-practice L&D Standards

      For Learning & Development functions and L&D professionals, the TAP Accreditation insignias 
      are the equivalent of ISO for organisational quality. They identify a commitment to best-practice at
      both organisational and individual levels.

 Accreditation of the L&D function              L&D Professional Accreditation


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2016 Edition


To request a printed manual, or to discuss the BILD Standards and the TAP Competency Framework,

please call  024 7641 1288


Alignment with
international Standards

TAP's Competency Framework for training Design and Development meets the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) specifications required in regulated sectors, and cover all five elements of the ADDIE model. TAP is also aligned with the Standards of the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction www.ibstpi.org 



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