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    Terri Couchman - TAP NHS Professional of the Month

     My name is Terri Couchman and I am the Clinical Coding Trainer for the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust which is based in the North East of England. In June 2015 our Trust opened a state of the art £200million emergency hospital in Cramlington (Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital). It is revolutionary and is the first hospital in England that will have emergency care...

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    Claire Taylor and Claire Parker - TAP NHS Professionals of the Month

     Known collectively throughout the NHS informatics world as ’the Claires’ Claire Taylor and Claire Parker are clinical classifications professionals with a combined 60 plus years of experience in the coding environment. As two of the first cohort of UK Accredited Clinical Coders (ACC) from 1998/1999, in addition to NHS-Digital Clinical Classifications Service registered Experienced Clinical...

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    Is lunch the answer to climate change?

      I read a conversation on LinkedIn recently. As a result, I was in very real danger of being shaken to my core. It turns out that not everyone stops working and eats lunch with their colleagues! To be fair, it wasn’t that black-and-white fact that discombobulated me; more, it was the strength of reaction from those who choose not to take time out with their team. It’s not my place – and...

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    Jane Honess - NHS TAP Professional of the Month

     My name is Jane Honess and I’m a Senior Clinical Coding Trainer and Auditor at the Mersey Internal Audit Agency (MIAA) Clinical Coding Academy in Liverpool.  My job role is full of variety but the majority of it is taken up developing and delivering nationally endorsed clinical coding training materials to coders with a wide range of expertise. I started my coding career back in July 2005 at...

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    The Interactive 'Effective Training' Recipe

    Ingredients & Equipment 500g of open body languageIdeally no more than 4 cups of ‘information’5 ½ - 6 cups of open questions2 ½ cups of ‘instructions’4 Tbs of ‘confidence’80ml of ‘coaching’120ml ‘concentrated observation’5 x non-stick Teflon ‘structure’ trays1-2 flip charts / 1 laptop with projectorMaximum 6 slides per session, with minimal words on slides250g of...

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