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The TAP initiative was enthusiastically supported by consultants and managers across the company. The first two attendees returned from their Delivery Skills Refresher (DSR) course inspired with ideas to improve their delivery structure and encourage participation amongst their delegates.

Subsequently ten other consultant/trainers attended the Training Delivery Skills (TDS) 5 day course or the 3 day DSR and all passed their assessments to achieve the TAP Certificate in Training Delivery Skills.

The twelve qualified trainers started out with a mixture of training experience but all returned from the course enthused and eager to put their new skills into action. Their feedback included comments such as :-

“The course really built my confidence”

“Learning about questioning techniques was a revelation”

“I used the new skills the day after the course and they worked brilliantly”

Since the programme began, the effectiveness and consistency of CAPS training has improved and the purpose and importance of training as distinct to consultancy services has become clearer within the company. Individuals have grown in confidence now that they are equipped with the techniques for effective teaching and their success and enthusiasm has inspired others to sign up for the programme.

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