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The Carphone Warehouse

“With 140+ trainers spread across Europe, all of whom are under pressure to deliver a huge number of programmes to a very high standard, sharing all this great practice wasn’t happening as much as it should,” says Darren Bezani, Group Training Manager. “To be more effective and efficient and to work smarter across the group, we needed a framework and training standard to promote consistency and collaboration.”

Darren embarked on a search to find a provider that could deliver a robust training, development and certification framework. The Training Foundation was one of a number of companies on his short list.

“I’d already heard of The Training Foundation’s Trainer Assessment Programme (TAP), but what clinched it for me was the speed and time required to go through their programme compared to other providers,” says Darren. “When you’re operating in an environment as fast-moving as ours there simply isn’t the time to go through a year’s programme. I wanted a company that could deliver smartly, quickly, efficiently and not patronise our trainers, who already know their stuff and didn’t need to go through the basics again.”

The TAP Delivery Skills Refresher course seemed ideally suited to purpose: a course that would remind trainers of things they already know, alert them to things they may not have thought of and give them a framework in a matter of days, rather than months.

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