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Richard Malam is a Training Manager with Centrica Learning and Development. He takes an uncompromising approach to the development and certification of training skills: “We wanted to implement a programme that would give us a framework for the initial development of our trainers, but were also seeking much more."

"Most training qualifications are just a snapshot of expertise, in the same way that a driving licence only proves that person was competent on the road, at a certain time and on a certain date. Traditional training qualifications say the same for the ability of a person to convey a message effectively. What we really needed was the ability to assess our trainers regularly against strict criteria to confirm their competence and to provide a vehicle for their continuous improvement. TAP was the only programme that covered all these bases.”

According to Richard, TAP acted as very positive catalyst for change: “Trainers are always striving to improve and over a period of several months all of them returned from their courses buzzing with new ideas and techniques that were quickly put into action. We wholeheartedly embraced the delegate-centric approach to training delivery, involving the learners in the learning experience throughout. This contrasted starkly with the traditional approach of talking at them endlessly with informative yet non-participative material, much akin to verbal traffic noise!”

“On an individual level TAP has allowed us to better engage with our delegates and enabled us to form a partnership for learning rather than just a trainer / trainee  relationship. Moreover because the events are now much more rewarding, the level of personal satisfaction has improved substantially.”

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