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Chelsea Building Society


Chelsea Building Society is the UK’s sixth largest building society, headquartered in Cheltenham with a 34-strong branch network principally located in southern England and a workforce approaching 1000 employees.

Not surprisingly, with a reputation as one of the country’s most efficient and customer-focused societies, Chelsea has a strong staff development ethos with an emphasis on innovative and experiential learning across all training and development channels.

E-learning has been an integral part of Chelsea’s training and development portfolio for the past six years and is fundamental to business success according to Jeff Farish, head of staff development.

“Not only does it give another dimension to our training and development activities, but it has also elevated the profile of our department at the highest levels within the Society,” he says.   “There was a time when training was seen as reactive, but our e-learning team has carved out an important strategic role in interpreting and communicating critical business information to staff in an imaginative, proactive and meaningful way.”

The fact that e-learning manager Gareth Harris was the first person in the UK to scoop a European Diploma in e-learning in 2004 has undoubtedly played a big part in taking Chelsea’s e-learning capabilities to new heights.

The impact of the programme on the way Gareth and his team build and manage e-learning programmes has been significant. “We’re much more structured and confident in the way we approach the whole planning and building process because we’re doing it from a base of sound theoretical knowledge,” he says.

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