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Fidelity National Information Services


Training Manager Jim Battersby has led his four-strong team of trainers for the past two years.  Until recently the training focus has been on skilling the call centre staff, particularly since the introduction of a major new operating system.

The team had a high profile role in the successful integration of the new system with the call centre’s operations, but now its training remit is expanding.

“We were looking for some externally provided development for our trainers that would support them as our remit broadens,” explains Jim.  “We came across The Training Foundation’s TAP learning system through a culture change programme we were jointly providing with a consultant contracted to Creation.  He attended a TAP Delivery Skills Course and was so evangelical about the benefits that I wanted to find out more. 

As I saw it we had two options: go down the CIPD route or try something different with TAP.  In the end, I left it to the trainers to decide.”
A number of factors swung the decision: The Training Foundation’s strong links with the financial services sector; a more hands-on practical approach to training the trainers; a standardised, more measurable, assessable model – a definite plus point in an industry driven by performance management and measurement – and the fact that the training is role based and completed within a manageable 3-5 days.

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