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Fred Webb gains Diploma

Fred Webb
When Fred Webb was awarded her TAP (Trainer Assessment Programme) Diploma from The Training Foundation, she ran around the room cheering “Yeah, I’ve done it!”  And she had good reason to feel proud of herself.  Not only had she achieved it within five months of attending her first TAP course, she also earned an extremely high pass mark (93%) and her report is used as a best practice benchmark for others who aspire to a TAP Diploma.  “Apart from my GCSEs, this is the first big qualification I’ve done beyond school and as someone who has a tendency to start things and then not finish them, this was a massive achievement for me,” she says.

Fred is an Implementation Manager within Information Systems at the Land Registry. She is charged with designing and rolling out training on the organisation’s software systems, which are currently being updated and upgraded with a lot of associated training required. 

Fred describes herself as the type of person who likes to help others bring out the best in themselves. At school she had toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher and while she never went down that particular career path, she did eventually find her niche in professions not too far removed from teaching, as a trainer by career and counsellor in her personal life.  “I’ve always enjoyed training – that feel good factor of making a difference to someone’s life in a small or big way – but I fell into it really,” she explains.

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