TAP Qualifications

...are relevant to everyone involved in L&D:

i2 Limited


Jo O’Connell, the Training Manager for i2 commented: “We are always looking for ways to improve our training. When we first became aware of the TAP Programme. it clearly offered an ideal way to ensure that the whole team are using the best training techniques.

“All our trainers have attended the Delivery Skills Refresher course which leads to the TAP Certificate in Training Delivery Skills. Some have gone on to achieve the TAP Certificates in Learning Facilitation Skills and in Training Design & Development Skills. Without exception, everyone has come back with renewed enthusiasm for training and confidence in their abilities as a trainer.

“i2 training has always been very well received, but as a result of our involvement with the TAP programme we are now regularly achieving a satisfaction rating of 95% for our courses. However, I think the most noticeable change is the number of individual comments specifically about the training style and techniques used in the classroom – I believe that this is a direct result of adopting TAP methodologies.”

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