TAP Qualifications

...are relevant to everyone involved in L&D:

Leeds City Council


The Learning and Development Unit (LDU) forms part of Corporate Services and provides a training and consultancy service to all council training departments. Therefore the quality of training is vital to its success and needs to set a benchmark for the internal departments.

All 21 employed and associate trainers have achieved the TAP Certificate in Training Delivery skills. By investing in the TAP programme the department fulfilled two of the core values of Leeds City Council, valuing colleagues and putting customers first.

IT Training Manager Pat McConnell takes up the story: “It is important that we retain our team of associate trainers, many of whom have worked for Leeds City Council for several years. TAP  provided an opportunity to offer continuous professional development for the trainers and to establish a consistent delivery style amongst experienced trainers that previously held a variety of qualifications.”

Learning and Development Advisor Clare Townend is in no doubt about the benefits that TAP has generated: “There has been a noticeable improvement in the development of course materials since the adoption of the Trainer Assessment Programme and there is now a consistent approach to both the materials and the delivery. The TAP programme has enhanced the reputation and credibility of LDU resulting in additional business".

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