TAP Qualifications

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Lincolnshire Police


It quickly became apparent that TAP offered a viable alternative to previous arrangements by providing a focused and modular method of refreshing the skills of experienced trainers. Furthermore it would provide a rapid and flexible means of providing appropriate externally recognised qualifications for new members of the training team. This proved very attractive at a time when the team was going through rapid change.

The Training Foundation provided a number of on site courses leading to the TAP Certificate in Training Delivery Skills at the force headquarters complex at Lincoln. The courses were evaluated by the Force Evaluation Team and their report was fed back to Alison Coupland, Training Manager. The independent evaluation was positive. This was encouraging for Alison as she was making a bold move to step away from the traditional trainer development model and try something very different.

Feedback from the training personnel gave a clear indication of the team’s enthusiasm for TAP.

Alison commented: “I was amazed at the change in some of the staff who were very resistant at the outset and had been instructing for a number of years. They told me that for the first time that they were training not instructing!”

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