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Ministry of Justice


Rigorous management of offender data and records is essential to the role of the Ministry of Justice, created in 2007 to manage the criminal justice systems from end to end, from court appearance to prison sentence or probation. The all-important task of data management will be made easier for tens of thousands of business users as an IT enabled business change programme, known as National Offender Management Information System (NOMIS) has rolled out a new case management system, Prison-NOMIS, to public prisons.

These systems will not only enhance the ability to record and track cases and alert staff to the potential risk of harm or re-offending, but also overcome the problems associated with lack of connectivity between multiple systems across many sites.

Responsibility for coordinating the design and delivery of training for the new prison system lay within the Core Programme Deployment Training team, comprising members seconded from the business, IT specialists and civil servants.  Training Projects Manager Kim Collins was seconded to the team after serving 18 years in the probation service as Community Punishment Manager in Surrey.

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