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The Army & Navy Torch Hub comprises some 130 centres across the UK. More than 100 members of staff have attended the TAP Learning Centre Support Skills courses and without exception they praise the quality of the trainers and find they can easily relate to the relevance and benefits of the training. They also seem to have fun! Those who have attended the training feel better able and more confident to provide effective tutor support to learners whether they are learning in the Learning Centre or elsewhere. These benefits are now showing up in higher learner completion and achievement rates in those Centres where staff have received the training.

Alan Cardy, Quality Assurance Manager for the Torch Hub is convinced that the TAP Learning Centre Support Skills course is already making a difference: “I believe we made the right choice. We are constantly evaluating options and believe The Training Foundation currently provides the most cost effective solution for training our staff for the role of e-learning tutor support.”

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