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As one of the world’s largest payment-services companies TSYS enables hundreds of millions of consumers globally to navigate their lives with confidence and convenience every day. TSYS (NYSE: TSS) offers unmatched flexibility, quality and control through a broad range of issuing and acquiring payment technologies, including consumer-finance, credit, debit, prepaid and other related services for financial institutions and retail corporations. The US arm of Client Training is based out of Columbus, Georgia. While the European arm of Client Training is part of the Product and Knowledge division and is based in York, England.

The Associate Director of Client Training, Emma Harris who is based in York, is aware that as a global payments company, whose main clients stem from international banking, TSYS are automatically at the forefront of any changes in economic conditions. Emma states that: “We are now entering a period of global economic contraction, which will add additional challenges other than the normal day to day issues we face when doing business as usual. Our clients are expecting more from our products, servicing and pricing. In our delivery of training to our clients then we need to constantly ensure that our service continues to improve to ensure they receive maximum value for money. In the current climate, this is even more important than ever”.

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