TAP Qualifications

...are relevant to everyone involved in L&D:



TAP International

With TAP's growing reputation, there is an increasing demand for in-company courses to be held ...

Financial Services

Increasing regulatory demands are spotlighting firms' quality assurance at every level. The ...

Professional Services

A major challenge for professional services firms is maintaining the knowledge and expertise of thei...

Support Services

Firms supplying support services must focus on quality assurance to maintain client satisfaction ...

Automotive And Aerospace

All the companies listed are recent TAP customersand most are TAP Accredited Partn...

Information & Communications Technology

The customer education function is strategically important to the ICTsector, as of course is contin...


Retailers are having a tough time but those doing well are investing in their people (a chicken a...


TAP has been the recommended L&D skills programme in the NHSsince 1999. As a result, many com...

Training Providers

Training companies need to at least match the quality of their clients' in-house training pr...

Other Private Sector

TAP-certified trainers can be found in all sectors. Here we can show you just a few of the househ...

Local Government

Training managers in local authorities were quick to recognise the improvements to their learning ac...


view the ELC APPROVED COURSES and full course details - if you'd like advice, call Jack L...

Nuclear And Energy Sector

"We feel that TAP is an ideal route for hands-on trainers within the nuclear industry to achieve ...

Policing And Security Sector

“We chose TAP training because it offers short practical skills-based, assessable programme...

NHS Trusts

Today, there's a pressing need for NHS trainers to broaden their skills and contribute to th...

Other Public Sector

Atomic Weapons Establishment Case Study ...

Health & Safety

H&S professionals require more than subject matter expertise to train learners effectively. T...


When both the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge - the two most venerable Universities in the w...

IT Trainers

The Training Accreditation Programme was originally developed for IT trainers! Nick Mitchell, our C...

Freelance Or Associate Trainers

As an L&D Professional you have a highly responsible role - your work can even change lives, ...

PTLLS To TAP Upgrade Programme

The PTLLS qualification was neither designed, nor intended for commercial trainers. It was design...

TAP is everywhere!


The TAP Clients pages indicate how TAP is being adopted across all strands of the private and
public sectors


 Space precludes all 1,400+ TAP customers being included; all those listed are current TAP customers and the majority are TAP Partners

Some 40 Case Studies
may be viewed




An ode to the trainer!


 There are few paths
to tread that can
really change lives  -
helping others to
learn is one

As a trainer, everything
you do makes a difference
 for better or worse -
o don't settle for mediocrity,
just going through the motions

Strive to engage the
hearts and minds of 
your learners, m
ake the
learning relevant to each one 
and build confidence to apply it

Then you really will
have made a difference -
you may never realise
just how much, but you will
have made it just the same...


..as Steve Jobs said...


"We don't get a chance to do that many things and every one should be really excellent.

Because this is our life. Life is brief and then you die, you know?

We've chosen to do this with our lives. So it better be damn good. It better be worth it."