The comments here are from a TAP Diploma awards event
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"I would definitely say that, for any trainer in any organisation, this qualification is something they definitely need.

More and more now, organisations are wanting TAP-qualified trainers to deliver their programs.

Being a Training Foundation, TAP-qualified trainer now means something within the training world. So for me, having completed this Diploma is absolutely fantastic"

Chris Norburn
freelance trainer


Freelance or Associate trainers


As an L&D Professional you have a highly responsible role - your work
can even change lives, so it is vital that your knowledge and skills are
kept up to date. TAP can help you do that

Of course, you will want to know how becoming TAP-accredited  would benefit you.  Check out the 'TAP Clients' section of this website and you'll find hundreds of employers who are committed to the TAP L&D methodologies and who only recruit TAP-qualified trainers

Also, some of the biggest training providers require all associates to be TAP-qualified, for example Capita Learning & Development and Hemsley Fraser.  In recognition that you are self-funding....

you may enrol on any TAP courses at a 10% discount

Which course?  If you deliver training sessions to clients, and have more than 6 months recent experience, we recommend you start your TAP journey with the 'lightbulb' course...


3-day Certificate in Training Delivery



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 "As a manager within the NHS and a freelance trainer, I would not employ a trainer who was not TAP certified, and I cannot get freelance work without myself being TAP certified"

Lynn Tomlinson
Leeds Teaching Hospital




 "I believe TAP has certainly bought standards to a
profession where previously
there were none.
Another testimony to why
so many employers
ask for TAP"

Alastair Steele-Leith