TAP is the quality mark for the
IT training industry




IT training providers and internal IT training departments can qualify as a

TAP Accredited 
L&D Partner

IT trainers

The Training Accreditation Programme was originally developed for IT trainers!  Nick Mitchell, our CEO, founded the Institute of IT Training in 1996 and while he was CEO (1996 - 2002) some 8,000 IT trainers achieved
TAP Training Delivery certification

Today, this has increased to more than 12,000

From 2005, IT trainers were misled by repeated advice claiming that the PTLLS qualification was suitable and recommended for IT trainers

This was poor advice; PTLLS has now been independently reviewed as "not fit for purpose" and is being discontinued

The TAP Qualifications Framework meanwhile, has continued to expand its breadth and depth. It now has an unrivalled reputation with employers in all sectors and for all subject areas, not just IT training

More than 1,400 organisations now employ some 26,000 TAP-qualified personnel and many mandate a TAP qualification for all trainers
(eg the NHS Clinical Coding trainer approval process)


Obtaining a TAP qualification will
qualify you to become a

 TAP Accredited L&D Professional








The TAP Training Delivery course is the No. 1 choice for IT trainers -

some have called it
the lightbulb course!


3-days, Coventry
Course Fee; £1,290 +vat

(freelance discount 10%)

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