Sellafield standardises
on TAP Certification



"We were impressed with the fact that the TAP Qualifications Framework encompasses and supports both the Systematic Approach to Training and the ADDIE model.

The impact of TAP has been very positive; instructors are suggesting they feel professionalised, they understand and are consciously applying adult learning theory, they have a more clear understanding of learner centred training rather than presenting, they can now implement open questions much more effectively, they have a much clearer understanding and ability to see the transfer of knowledge and skills taking place and a much better understanding of assessment of learning in a structured way.

We have no hesitation in endorsing The Training Foundation’s inclusion as an Employer Nominated Training Provider to NSAN"

Ged Hagan
Head Of Training Processes,
Standards And Systems, Sellafield



To arrange a pilot TAP course 
call Chris Sutton
Sales and Marketing Director 
024 7641 1288 or email

Nuclear and Energy Sector



"We feel that TAP is an ideal route for hands-on trainers within the nuclear industry to achieve a recognised also gives a clear career for those that wish to further their career within the L&D landscapemortarboards.jpg

NSAN recommends TAP programmes for subject matter or technical experts involved in training delivery from time to time, and experienced or aspiring full-time
L&D practitioners”

Dug Harrison, National Skills Academy Nuclear



Other NSAN members using TAP

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International nuclear design standard...



 The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), based in Austria, is the lead body for the nuclear sector;


"The target audience is Occupational Exposed Workers and Radiation Protection Officers, Program Management officers who are working in different IAEA laboratories and also for staff who are traveling on mission to different nuclear installations in several member states.

We standardise these training courses using the TAP Training Design and Development methodology"

Dr Lazlo Sagi, IAEA



Were you on the PTLLS track?

Following a critical independent Review PTLLS is now lapsed, however if your trainers hold a PTLLS certificate they can upgrade this to a TAP Certificate - call for details