“Following my attendance on the TAP Certificate in Facilitation I have developed new professional rapport and influencing skills in facilitating successful meetings, workshops, and events, developed new strategies for dealing with challenging individuals and also a unique structure that quickly simplifies and standardises a format for preparing for an event. All in all, a great professional experience, and one I heartily recommend to my membership, our trainers, and other stakeholders".

Mitchell C. Sklar, Esq., CAE,
Executive Director
New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police 

Case studies:
Policing Sector 
Lincolnshire Police

Policing and Security Sector


“We chose TAP training because it offers short practical skills-based, assessable programmes that easily transfer to the workplace. We were also keen to ‘quality-assure’ our L&D and TAP® offers the tools to ensure a quality and consistent approach. I have noticed direct improvements in performance and I am working to make TAP the standard for professionalising our International L&D offering.”

Max Sahota
Assistant Chief Constable
Faculty Lead International Policing & Organisational Development
College of Policing


The Training Foundation (TTF) has been working with the College of Policing in the UK to help it raise professional standards with incredible results.


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“My team attended the TAP Certificate in Training Needs Analysis and the TAP Certificate in Learning and Development Consultancy earlier in 2015, and I have since utilised the skills, competencies and templates whilst drafting proposals to identify International client’s specific learning and development requirements. Post-course, these proposals have shown a measured improvement in quality, consistency, standards and professionalism, indeed it would be fair to say that they are the best the team have ever crafted. “

Supt Nick Tomkinson
International Policing & Organisational Development, College of Policing 

"The courses were of great added value. The TAP diploma path helped me in identifying gaps I wasn't aware of and learn a lot of new methods to improve and ensure quality in the Learning and Development area. I am already planning in integrating this knowledge in our training strategy to ensure quality assurance and improve evaluation of the delivered training to our staff" 

Alexandros Anastasiadis
Learning and Development Officer,
European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice