The Lingfield Review

recommended the Government to scrap PTLLS as "unfit for purpose".

This became effective from 31st Dec 2013 and the public sector has been returned to a free market for training qualifications - good news!  It means a level playing field for TAP at last!

the Lingfield Report





PTLLS holders can join the TAP community!


The PTLLS qualification was neither designed, nor intended for
commercial trainers. It was designed specifically for teachers in
colleges of Further Education

Regrettably, from 2008 it was mistakenly promoted by the Lifelong Learning Sector Skills Council (LLUK) as appropriate for ALL trainers

LLUK subsequently had its licence cancelled by the Government: it was the only one of 24 Sector Skills Councils not to be re-licensed. It was too focused on the FE sector and failed to adequately engage with employers

Now, with PTLLS being discontinued, there will be no mandated training qualifications imposed on the public sector. This is very good news for everyone, including the learners!

It means that all public sector L&D managers
can now adopt the

TAP Qualifications Framework

The Training Foundation has maintained that the PTLLS regime was misguided and was taking the quality of learning backwards not forwards. As a mandated, funded course it created an uneven playing field. Many were attracted to it, not because it was a quality learning experience but because it was mandated and/or was free or very low cost. We are pleased that this has now been independently, if belatedly, recognised. 




PTLLS holders can upgrade their qualification to the
TAP Certificate in Training Delivery
by attending a 3-day Fast-track course (Coventry)

course outline

Discounted fee; £1,080 +vat

To reserve a place, call:
024 7641 1288


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