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Training providers


Training companies need to at least match the quality of their clients' in-house training provision.  Since there are more than 1,400 organisations using TAP methodologies for their internal L&D events, external providers are often now required to meet the same standards

Many of the UK's leading training businesses (eg Babcock International, Capita, Hemsley Fraser) have a policy commitment to TAP for their employed and associate trainers. Some of these TAP Partners are shown here

Of course, it is common to hear that 'our trainers don't need TAP, they already have CTP, PTLLS, 7307 etc etc'.  If that's your view, why not take the TAP Challenge - the feedback may well change your mind!



“Initially, as an experienced professional,
I didn’t really see the point of attending this course.

However, I enjoyed it immensely and
during my 40 or so years of ‘adult learning’ have
not enjoyed and benefited from a course more”

    Mark O’Brien,  Babcock International
    Fast-track Training Delivery