Articulate Storyline 2


workshop outline


Workshop fee: £650 +vat
maximum 8 per workshop

 Workshops are held throughout the year at Coventry. Call 024 7641 1288 to reserve your place, or to arrange an in-company event


TAP Certificates in e-Learning authoring

One comment that's frequently heard during TAP e-Learning Design courses is; "I wish we could spend more time actually using the authoring tool".  As this course is already packed full with generic skills training this is not possible so to meet this popular request, we designed two 2-day workshops. These workshops focus on the two authoring tools being currently used by the majority of customers. Here are the course outlines for;

Articulate Storyline 2   and   Adobe Captivate 8

Participants will cover everything they need to get started with developing their own content. Very hands-on, these workshops enable delegates to practise their new skills and learn how to get the best from their selected authoring tool.

If the L&D team has not yet selected the tool it intends to use, attendance on both workshops will enable an informed decision to be made. here for information on the innovative combination course:

e-Learning Design and Authoring


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Adobe Captivate 8

workshop outline


Workshop fee: £2,500+vat 
maximum 8 per workshop - closed workshop only