"The Training Foundation has contributed more than any other organisation in the UK to the
up-skilling of L&D professionals in the use of new learning technologies

The team at the Foundation are well qualified to provide the TAP e-Learning Design Guidelines, which will make a positive contribution to raising the standards of self-study e-Learning"

Clive Shepherd
the UK's leading e-L Consultant

Author of The Blended Learning Cookbook and The New Learning Architect


e-Learning Quality Assurance: the e-QUAL Programme


The e-QUAL Programme is available as an in-company programme only.

It is a combination Programme, comprising both e-Learning Design and Certified e-Learning Design Assessor modules. It may be appropriate to those with a significant commitment to e-Learning and a requirement to equip a team with both e-Learning design skills and a quality-control capability.

Where there are insufficient numbers to run a closed Programme, individuals may choose to enrol on public schedule courses for e-Learning design and Assessing e-Learning Design.

In either case, successful completion leads to both the TAP Certificate in e-Learning Design (a core module in the TAP Diploma in Digital Learning) and the TAP Certificate in Assessing e-Learning Design.

To request a copy of the e-QUAL Programme booklet (includes a case study for NHS Wales and the Welsh Government) 

call  024 7641 1288



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