The MACRO Learning Transfer Workshop


It’s widely acknowledged that less than 20% of corporate learning is actually applied in the workplace and improves performance, wasting 80% of training budgets. Even training that is designed and delivered to best-practice TAP standards is ineffective if not supported by a systematic approach to ensuring transfer into workplace performance.

In today's ultra-competitive business environment improving learning transfer, and hence the ROI achieved from training, should be near the top of every Head of L&D's to-do list.  This 2-day workshop, Transferring training into business results focuses on the MACRO® learning transfer system and how its adoption can enable a step-change in workplace application and performance (see the MACRO Learning Transfer page)

We recommend that the workshop be run as a closed, in-company event with up to 6 participants, drawn from senior L&D, HR and/or OD personnel and with representation from senior managers from the wider business. It can also be attended on public schedule events at Coventry.


In-company  workshop fee:  £6,300 +vat  (plus our consultant's expenses)

Public schedule workshop fee: £1290+vat per person      Location: Coventry        Max. group size: 6

Currently available dates in the public schedule:

March 30-31     April 27-28     May 4-5     June 26-27

Call the TAP Team 024 7641 1288 to reserve places


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