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Alacer Software



Website: http://www.alacer.co.uk

Contact: Robert Day – Operations Director
Alacer was formed in 2005 with the aim of providing simple, powerful software systems to the hospitality industry combined with industry leading service. Chris, the founder of Alacer, was frustrated by the standards of service provided by competing hotel software business and set out to prove that it does not have to be this way.
Since our formation, Alacer has helped hundreds of customers and proven that it is possible to combine innovative hospitality software systems with great customer care. With modules which cover all types of hospitality business and with the unique capability to operate these in any combination, Alacers hospitality software systems are set to become the industry standard for all types of hospitaltiy business.
We're passionate about our work, but we're not in love with technology for technology's sake. We understand that software is a tool for business and that our customers just need it to be simple and effective.
Our customers are a vital part of our team. We know our systems must continue to develop as our customers’ business needs grow, and we will always be looking to improve our software with feedback from our customers.
We are based in the UK and available to support you when you need us. At Alacer we believe in building relationships and we know relationships are built on trust.
All our hospitality software systems are priced with one low cost annual fee; there is no large upfront purchase cost. ALL support and upgrades are included and you will NEVER be asked to pay for a new version, no matter how many improvements it includes, NONE of our competitors can say this.

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