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Computershare Operations Services


Website: http://www.computershare.com

Contact: Richard Arberry – Operations Director

We are the world’s largest and only global share registry and plan management provider. We operate in twenty countries on five continents, providing services and solutions to listed companies, investors, employees, exchanges and other financial institutions. Altogether, we manage more than 100 million shareholder accounts for over 16,000 corporations around the world.
Our UK-based operations service over 9 million shareholder accounts, managing over 1.2 million calls a year, 2.5 million transactions and 250,000 letters. We pride ourselves on consistent, dependable service delivery and ensuring the highest quality customer experience through a motivated and continuously developed workforce.
"Learning and development is an integral part of our service delivery - the training and development of our operational staff is not a single event, it is a continuous process based upon structured observation of employees and feedback from our customers." Richard Arberry, Operations Director

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