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Contact:  Nick Halder – Training & Development Manager 

When Nick Halder, Learning & Development Manager for financial software company Fidessa, was looking to invest in professional accreditation for his training team, he recognised the benefits of The Training Foundation’s TAP programme. Here is the story of how and why his department achieved Gold TAP Partner status.

Fidessa supplies its clients in the world's financial community with innovative IT software and platforms. The Training Foundation helps its staff to achieve step change performance by professionalising the L&D function and enhancing the organisation's capability to learn.   
The two organisations have been working on a development programme for Fidessa’s L&D team, which has had outstanding results.

The story begins in 2008, when Technical Training Manager Paul Aston and Nick himself gained the TAP Certificate in Training Delivery Skills; by 2009 they had gained TAP Diplomas after completing other Certificates relevant to their job roles. TAP is the Queen's Award-winning Certification held by more than 23,000 L&D professionals, and the TAP Diploma programme is a series of role-based qualifications which enables individuals to tailor their learning specifically for their chosen career path.

Nick was impressed by the very practical nature of the certification. He wanted a recognised qualification for his team that focussed on the skills of developing and delivering training to the highest standard, and he now believes that:

“We have a first class department who are real champions of learning.”

It is essential for Fidessa to keep its employees up-to-date with the latest skills to compete effectively, and consequently the L&D team need their own skills to be updated regularly. The rapid pace of change is one of Nick’s biggest challenges, as he manages a team of 6 who are responsible for delivering all L&D activities for the whole UK group. This includes technical training (approximately 25 classroom courses), online technical training (designed and developed internally), and interpersonal skills training. Nick tells us that:

“We have seen a real benefit from TAP in terms of the effectiveness of these pieces”.

The team produces high quality, relevant and timely training that can be delivered by any of the trainers; consistency is key in this regard.  Senior Technical Training Consultant Jim Thompson agrees:

“I have found the TAP programme invaluable as it has allowed me to take a whole new approach with our technical training here at Fidessa [and] allowed me to refocus on what our staff should be getting from our courses. Attendee engagement has improved considerably and we are receiving many more positive comments about our courses and their delivery.”

The team’s aspirations perfectly suit the ideals of The Training Foundation’s TAP Partners Programme. Fidessa has the acclaimed Gold Partnership status, only awarded to companies or departments where all training is designed and developed by personnel holding a TAP Certificate in Training Design and Development, and led by personnel holding a TAP Certificate in Delivery, Facilitation or Coaching.

The learner feedback that the team receive reflects their emphasis on quality. Paul says:

“We found that improving delivery, course structure and training needs analysis all went hand in hand. [It] has greatly improved the experience for all learners, no matter what their skills and previous experience; and of course, it improves the experience for the trainers themselves.”

The team now has immense recognition within the organisation for the professional training service that it provides, and Nick has been considering how to maintain the exemplary standards they have achieved.

The TAP programme offers an accreditation scheme, open only to Partners who monitor conformance to TAP design and delivery standards by means of internal Certified TAP Assessors, and this will be the final step for the Fidessa Learning & Development team.  This prestigious award will also allow them to promote their L&D solutions as being TAP-accredited, adding to their credibility both internally and externally.

Nick’s long-term aspiration is for TAP to become the global standard for all Fidessa training, and The Training Foundation is looking forward to working with him to achieve this goal.

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