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TfL's Learning & Development teams deliver a wealth of training and support across the organisation.  They provide a broad range of management and professional development training in addition to IT training on commercial and bespoke systems and customer experience training. Managing the library and running ‘skills for life' training for improving employees' confidence are also in their remit.

It is vital that TfL ensures highly effective staff training because, as Liz De Saulles TAP.dip, SAP Education Manager states: 

"virtually everyone who visits, lives or works in London will use one of our services and every one of those journeys matters to us"

Learning and development opportunities are available to all levels of TfL employees across the business, so it's essential that professional, consistent standards for the delivery and design of all training are in place. There was always a desire to ensure that industry best practice was integral to the learning being developed and delivered, initially in the SAP Education area.  Also it was important that the L&D professionals on the team could attain industry recognised qualifications to raise their profile in the organisation.

Following discussions with  The Training Foundation in 2011, Liz decided that TAP was able to exceed all of TfL's requirements...

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