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New TAP 'matrix' approach to Subject Matter Expert development



Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are increasingly being used to support the delivery of training, as Learning & Development teams continue to face budgetary pressures to downsize and deliver more. However, SMEs are often ignored when it comes to professional development in training delivery skills, primarily due to the fact that line managers are under pressure not to release them for training and face budgetary constraints. The Training Foundation has developed a simple, effective and practical solution to this issue, which includes a one day programme giving SMEs critical TAP delivery skills.

The Training Foundation has been passionate about delivering professional skills-based  development programmes for trainers and training managers alike for over 17 years.

They have also recognised that due to cyclical downturns in economic performance and lack of available budget, many training functions have had to employ the expertise of  ‘subject matter ‘ or ‘technical’ experts (SMEs) to support the delivery training in order to survive.

However, whilst progressive full-time L&D professionals across the UK have sought TAP skills-based, assessable programmes for their development, SMEs who deliver occasional training tend not to have been given similar opportunities, mainly due to the dual challenges of time and budget constraints.

TAP has launched a practical matrix approach to the skills development of SMEs, which is role-dependant, and addresses both challenges.

This makes formal skills development available for all SMEs, whatever their role and involvement in the delivery of training, allowing the L&D function to maintain a consistent, quality approach to critical training delivery across organisations, supported by subject matter, or technical, experts. Programmes range from one to five days, dependent upon an individual's need.

The new matrix is available on The Training Foundation website. Please contact 02476 411288 for prices and availability.






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