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April 10th 2012 Volume 5, Number 4

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April Welcome

All of us at The Training Foundation hope that you had an enjoyable Easter, and are looking forward to reading the April issue of the TAP Newsletter.

This issue we also share exciting news about TAP and the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits - read on to learn more.

Do contact us if you would like a free Personalised TAP Diploma Progress Plan, to see how close you are to achieving a TAP Diploma, please note that the special price offer is only valid until 30th April!

After only a few months since the launch of the TAP Accreditation Programme for L&D professionals we now have over 400 L&D professionals who have signed up to the TAP Accreditation Programme. The TAP Accreditation Programme is open to all L&D professionals who hold a valid TAP qualification who commit to re certify their TAP skills every three years to ensure a bench mark of skills to best practice standards.   Follow this link to learn more:

mat_leave.jpgWe also have some very exciting news, as from the 26th April our e-Learning Consultant Laura Crank will be on maternity leave, returning in the new year.  I am sure you will like to share our congratulations to Laura, her husband Pete and soon to be Miss Crank.  If you usually contact Laura for any e-Learning assistance, please re-direct all correspondence to until Laura returns in 2013.

If you wish to share any interesting training experiences, or if you have a good ice breaker that you wish to share with fellow trainers please feel free to email me on to appear in the next TAP Newsletter.  

Claire Brookes
Talking TAP Editor

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TAP approved for MOD Enhanced Learning Credits

The Training Foundation has recently received excellent news, we are now an approved Learning Provider in the MOD Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) Scheme.

elc.jpgThe MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) is an initiative to promote lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. The ELC scheme provides financial support in the form of a single up-front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years. ELC funding is only available for pursuit of higher level learning i.e. for courses that result in a nationally recognised qualification at Level three or above on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

If you are a member of the Armed Forces and wish to know more about the scheme or to determine your eligibility please refer to the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services (ELCAS) website at:, or contact us at The Training Foundation on 02476 411 288, and our MOD ELC Learning Provider number is 3802.

Ron Mackrell
Deputy CEO
The Training Foundation

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NEW TAP Diploma Structure

As announced in last months TAP Newsletter, we are helping you to achieve a TAP Diploma by making the modules more flexible. This is great tap_diploma_structure.jpgnews to help you choose the most appropriate TAP qualifications for your CPD!

As always all TAP Diplomas consist of four TAP qualifications plus the online self-study Theoretical Basis of Learning. However, we are now offering three core TAP modules per diploma, then we are giving you the choice of the appropriate final module from a selection of three electives.

For a closer look at the new TAP Diploma Structure above click this link:

To help kick-start your development for 2012 we are offering existing TAP Certificate holders this excellent offer:

- If you already have one TAP Certificate and need a further three; any TAP Diploma fee is £3,000+VAT*

- If you already have two TAP Certificates and need a further two; any TAP Diploma fee is £2,000+VAT*

- If you already have three TAP Certificates and need a further one; any TAP Diploma fee is £1,000+VAT*

*All Diplomas require the completion of an online self-study course: The Theoretical Basis of Learning (fee is included in the above price)

This offer is valid for all Diploma booking made by 30th April

Contact us if you would like a FREE Personalised Diploma Progress Plan to see how close you are to achieving a TAP Diploma, please email us on or call us on tel: 024 7641 1288, we will be happy to help.

Kind Regards
Sandra Lucas

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Website Watch


Welcome to the Website Watch feature, here we update you with new developments:

See the April TAP Approved Training Tip:

Look at our NEW TAP Diploma Structure and special price offer:

Learn the benefits of in-house assessment of your delivery and design team:

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TAP Accredited Professional of the Month, Linda Hoskins

Having worked as a freelance IT trainer for over 20 years, I started to feel I was getting in a bit of a rut.  I’d gone into Education with a BEd way back in the early 80s and quickly moved into Adult Training back in the days of WordPerfect running on DOS (younger readers will have to look that one up). However, more recently, companies were looking for an alternative approach to classroom training.  I was told that budgets could no longer stretch to releasing staff for one or two full days at a time.  After taking on a contract at the Open University working in L&D, I got to experience and research different training methods. This quickly made me realise that I needed to expand my own skillset.  One of my freelance colleagues, who was scripting some e-learning for the OU, had highly recommended the TAP courses to me.  On my return to freelance work I decided to sign up for the TAP Certificate in e-learning Design. This quickly proved to be a great move. First of all it taught me how a quite different approach is required with e-learning, particularly at the development stage.  I also learnt about storyboarding and the different e-learning tools on the market.  Laura’s workshops were really useful and enjoyable, plus they were full of value-added tips including links to additional material.


My TAP project was to develop a small piece of e-learning for a local company, which they are now hosting on their public website.  The topic was IT related, but recently I am ‘branching’ out into other areas.  I am currently working as instructional designer on an ‘e-nursing’ project which involves three hours of e-learning for 3rd year student nurses and other health professionals.  I am quite excited about this as the organisation that has commissioned me to write the script is well-known for creating 3D Virtual Reality environments.  Part of the e-learning involves the student dealing with different scenarios in a Virtual 3D Ward.  I have to admit that if you’d told me two years ago that I would be scripting for anything other than IT, I wouldn’t have believed you.  It just goes to show that if you have a sound background and understanding of e-learning you can script almost anything.  I can now tell you all about nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal airways!

As the work is now coming in quite thick and fast, I’m in the process of forming a family business with my husband, who will bring extensive knowledge and experience of his time in technology and manufacturing.  We’re both hoping to continue the TAP learning and my next step will be to take the Certificate in Blended Learning.   This should help with another venture that I’m involved in and that is scripting for Live Online Virtual Classrooms for Office 2010; which I believe is going to feature extensively this year.

Finally, I’d like to say a big thank-you to Laura and team for hosting a really professional workshop and for their continued help and support.

Linda Hoskins, BEd
LDnH Learning & Development

Do you have TAP story like Lisa's to share?  If you would like to appear in our newsletter describing how you have used your TAP training skills please email your text me at and you could star in our next newsletter!

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Question of the Month

Last month we shared Frances Day’s encounter with her hero from Scrubs (Zach Braff). This prompted John Mcghee, an IT trainer from Oxford, to send in a story about his encounter with Mick Jagger whilst on a training trip to Paris. He takes up the tale…

Whilst browsing in a deserted newsagents in Heathrow Airport on my way to deliver a training session in Paris someone rushed up and stood alongside me searching for a particular magazine in the same rack. I glanced round and found myself face-to-face with Mick Jagger. He grinned slightly in acknowledgement of my surprised expression then continued looking for his magazine. Not wishing to appear uncool - or to bother him when he was 'off duty' - I just moved to another shelf before turning round to have a better look.


Mick was unable to find the magazine he was looking for and asked the cashier if there were any copies left. There weren't, so he left empty handed and strode briskly towards the departure lounge, outpacing an increasing number of fellow travellers who had recognised him. He waved jovially at the small crowd as he disappeared, with the cashier cheerfully singing 'I can't get no satisfaction' in the background.

Hopefully Mick got his satisfaction and his magazine elsewhere.

Thanks for sharing this with us John - maybe other readers have a tale to tell of a chance encounter whilst out  and about in their L&D role?

Sharon Litterick

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Is Your Organisation a TAP Accredited L&D Partner?

TAP Partners are given the opportunity to upgrading their L&D functions to become Accredited L&D Partners by making a commitment to the TAP methodologies and self monitoring this through assessment. The Training Foundation administers the programme on a self-certification basis, therefore there are no time consuming annual verification visits.

TAP Accredited L&D Partner is a FREE upgrade available to all TAP Partner Organisations, who make the following commitments to ensure quality standards within their training department:

* All training events are facilitated or designed by personnel holding relevant TAP qualifications.
* Internal monitoring of delivery standards by an in-house TAP Certified Assessor.

For more information on the TAP Accredited L&D Partner programme please follow this link:

Or feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help.

Kind Regards

David Hickling
TAP Accredited Partner Programme Coordinator

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Celebrate Success

congratulations.jpgEach month we celebrate the success of our delegates who have achieved a TAP Diploma with us, our congratulations go out to these hard working individuals who are also eligible to upgrade free of charge to become Gold Accredited L&D Professionals:

TAP Diploma in Learning Facilitation
Emma Maries Barclays
Jenny Sexstone Defence Academy
Sarah Trotman Barclays
Andy James Specsavers
TAP Diploma in Learning Design
Jenny Sexstone Defence Academy
Neil Wilson Towers Watson
TAP Diploma in L&D Consultancy
Becci Marchant HSBC
Chris Bright HSBC
TAP Master Diploma in Learning & Development
Andy James Specsavers
Jenny Sexstone Defence Academy

Congratulations on all your hard work!

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Brain Teaser

  thinking1.jpgOur Deputy CEO, Ron Mackrell, has nominated the following Bain Teaser called Mount Everest.... can you solve it?

Before Mt. Everest was discovered,
what was the highest mountain in the world?


Just email your solutions to me at and put 'Mount Everest' in the subject line. As always the solution will be published in next month's issue of the TAP Newsletter.

The solution to last month's Brain Teaser is, Johnny – the third child's name! Congratulations to everyone who successfully solved this Brain Teaser - they are listed below:

Alison Taylor – The Training Foundation
Michelle Kaye – Boodle Hatfield
Avril Harrison - University of Oxford
Andreas  Fleissner - EBV Elektronik GmbH
Ian Bolderstone – RBS
Karen Wicks - Containers 4 sale
Stephen Barton – Kennedys Law
Paul Millard - Oracle
Janet Bradley - AXA UK
Chris Croshaw – insure the box
Eric Jones - NATS
Tessa Roberts – Aviva
Julie Reynolds - Basildon and Thurrock University NHS Foundation Trust
Olubunmi Oludipe - Addax Petroleum
Julian Jones - Penningtons Solicitors LLP
Sandra Roe – NATS
Shaun Allaway - Skandia UK
Sarah Evans - Irwin Mitchell LLP
Michael & Nick – HDFT
Bill Smith – Handelsbanken
Frank Jacobs - Datix Training Manager
Mary-Anne Key - Balfour Beatty Rail Ltd
Sharon Sylvester - Identity and Passport Service
Emma Parnell – ATKINS
Kerry Young - BAE Systems Maritime 
Margaret Long - Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP
Gail Kenny - NHS Direct
James Nelson - Aviation Training International Limited
Susan Hall - NHS Norfolk
Tony Horseman - Environment Agency
Myriam Brans-Chenevier  - Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Peter Langley - Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust - Warrington Division
Kate Box - Schools ICT Applications Support
Barrie Hancock - BAE Systems Maritime 
Irminka Rowe - Diligenta Limited
Jordan Lee -  Admiral
Tomasina Collier - Princess of Wales Community Hospital
Jenny Woodward - JW Clinical Coding Ltd
Jane Leigh - IT Training Manager
David Gray  - RSA Insurance Plc
David Brown - Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust
Danny Carter - Volkswagen


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