Training & coaching skills for subject matter experts


Subject matter experts are increasingly used to train or coach colleagues, apprentices or customers. It's often assumed that technical expertise is all they need, however their default style may be presentational - 'death by PowerPoint'.  This is ineffective for learning transfer, but SMEs rarely receive relevant skills training themselves (see a relevant TAP article). These events are designed to provide SMEs with the needed skills to complement their subject knowledge and expertise

SME’s who are delivering training or coaching as a significant proportion of their job

SME’s who deliver training
or coach  regularly but for
less than 10%
of the time

SME’s who deliver training
or coach on an
occasional basis


If new to training or with less than
6 months recent training experience:
TAP Certificate in Training Delivery
5-day classroom course
+ online self-study

If more than 6 months recent
training experience:

TAP Certificate in Training Delivery
3-day classroom course

TAP Certificate in Coaching
2-day classroom course



TAP Foundation Certificate in Training Delivery
2-day classroom course
This Certificate is also available in a blended format:
online self-study
+ 1-day classroom course

TAP Certificate in Coaching
2-day classroom course


Essential Training Delivery Skills
1-day classroom workshop

Essential Coaching Skills
1-day classroom workshop


NB: The 1-day workshops are run as closed, in-company events and are not available in the public schedule. Fee: £2,000 +vat per event,
max. 8 attendees

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For other professional skills courses:

TAP Diplomas Framework for
L&D Professionals


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Other 2-day courses for SMEs
(Fee; £840 +vat pp)

TAP Foundation in Training Design
TAP Foundation in Facilitation
TAP Certificate in
Learner Engagement


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Other 1-day workshops
for SMEs include:

Essential Training Design Skills
Essential Facilitation Skills
Essential Presentation Skills







 Guidance notes



When considering which events best meet your SME’s needs, as well as the
time spent training
there are 2 other key factors

 the importance of the training
being delivered. Where skills and knowledge transfer to the learners is critical, eg compliance or safety training, the trainer may need a higher skills level than can be obtained through a 1-day workshop, even if the involvement is only occasional

 the SME’s career intentions
If a career change to an L&D role is planned, the 5-day TAP Certificate in Training Delivery is recommended even if at the outset the SME only delivers training occasionally 


We recommend mapping your SME's training responsibilities to this framework. The course outlines set out the skills learned in each event


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the options, call us on

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