subject matter experts
need training skills!


It's a common blind spot!  Subject matter experts often feel that technical expertise is all they need to deliver training sessions.

Their default style is generally highly presentational, often 'death by PowerPoint'. This is ineffective for learning transfer, but SMEs rarely receive essential skills training themselves - do yours??

As is explained on the ROI page the total direct and indirect cost attached to just a single day's training by an SME exceeds £2,000...

...against that, attending any of the TAP Foundation courses costs
just £840

Think about it!


TAP courses for subject experts providing training or support for work-based learning


Occasional trainers, part-time trainers or subject matter experts involved with training


A range of TAP 2-day courses designed to provide subject matter experts with essential training skills are available, as shown below and in the sidebar.  All courses may be enrolled on individually in a public schedule programme at Coventry, or may be run as in-company on-site events

The TAP Certificate in Supporting Work-based Learning comprises 3 core courses as below.  Adding any 2 role-based modules (shown in the sidebar) can lead to the TAP Diploma in Supporting Work-based Learning
- see the booklet for details

An understanding of 
how adults learn
The Theoretical Basis of Learning       
5-7 hrs online self-study course

The ability to engage with the learners
      Engaging with Learners    
2-day course 

The skills to coach rather than simply instruct
               Coaching Learners              
2-day course discuss the options for your SMEs, call us on 024 7641 1288





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Other 2-day courses for SMEs.... 

Delivering Training                playimage.png

Designing Training                playimage.png

Facilitating Group Learning playimage.png

Effective Presentations        playimage.png  



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