subject matter experts
need training skills!


It's a common blind spot!  
Subject matter experts often feel that technical expertise is all they need to deliver training sessions.

Their default style is often highly presentational, eg 'death by PowerPoint'. This is ineffective for learning transfer, but SMEs rarely receive essential skills training themselves - do yours?


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TAP workshops & short-courses for subject matter experts & managers training others


Occasional trainers, part-time trainers or subject matter experts involved with training


The TAP framework uniquely includes short-courses and 1-day workshops designed specifically for subject matter experts (SMEs) and line managers whose role includes occasional training or coaching of their work colleagues or customers, whether formally or informally.

Technical subject matter expertise does not guarantee the ability to transfer that knowledge and skill to others. These short events provide SMEs with the generic skills to complement their subject expertise and enable them to more effectively train and coach their learners. 

NB:  the 1-day workshops  are only available as in-company events. Fee; £2,000 +vat, max. 8 attendees. All other short-courses in the framework can be attended individually in the public schedule programme, or run as in-company events)

As you can see, the SME framework offers tailored events for 3 levels of involvement in training activities - from running occasional, informal sessions,  through to substantive, formal responsibilities.

However, please note that the 3 columns in the framework are only guidelines.  When determining the appropriate TAP modules for your SME's, the time they are spending in training activities is a useful indicator of their skills needs, but only an indicator. 

Of greater relevance is the nature and importance of the training being provided. In cases where effective skills and knowledge transfer is mission-critical, eg compliance or safety training, SME's delivering training (even if only occasionally) will require a greater skills level than can be obtained through a 1-day workshop.

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The TAP framework for SMEs and line managers

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By way of examples - you can view video introductions to the TAP 2-day Foundation courses for SMEs 

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