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Savills Plc


Website: http://www.savills.com

Contact:   Bobbie Carter - Associate Director- IT Training Manager

Savills is a leading global real estate service provider listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The Savills group consists of several trading companies each focussing on a different area of real estate expertise.

The Savills group invests heavily in technology and employee development. Internal IT systems are delivered to users in classroom-led training by a team of employed IT Trainers. Savills IT TRainers also provide at desk hand-holding; on-line training; support (in conjunction with a support desk) and systems advice. Savills IT Trainers work with the TAP model to deliver a rewarding learning experience which translates into a tangible skill at the user's desk.

Soft skills training in the Savills Group is delivered by a mixture of in-house and external providers. Internal training staff are moving towards adopting the TAP standards embraced and exhibited by the team of IT Trainers. The group's Training and Development teams provide a consistent and supportive facility for employee development.


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