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When considering the options available for continuous professional development of my team back in 2011, the TAP Qualifications Framework had instant appeal as it offered the unique opportunity for individuals to focus on their specialism within L&D and to gain an industry recognised qualification.

As a manager, the framework allows organic growth of the team and their skills sets. The innovative use of certificates across multiple diploma tracks means that effort in completing a certificate is not wasted if the focus of the individual or the team changes due to career progression or business demands.

The Framework has allowed the development of an ‘entry level’ TAP programme for all team members, dependent on their role, to ensure consistency in our development and delivery of learning interventions and in our approach to continued professional development. Established team members actively use the framework to identify appropriate certificates for their development. The unique nature of the Framework allows the team to leverage the information learnt in each course and put it into practice before undertaking further learning. The fact that there are no time constraints around the completion of certificates to achieve a diploma is a huge bonus as it allows me to balance my team's professional development against our workload and priorities.
Liz De Saulles
SAP Education Manager
Transport for London


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2016; TAP WINS SECOND QUEEN'S AWARD FOR INNOVATION - for the Quality Assurance of L&D


 The Queen's representative presenting the Award on
5th September 2016...