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In recent years, our understanding of what it takes to bring out the best in people has been revolutionised by startling discoveries from neuroscience. Everything we thought we knew about management needs to be reviewed in the light of how the brain really works; however, most management training still follows a last-Century model. As Marcus Buckingham said, 'people join companies and leave managers.'

This programme will help managers to develop an appreciation of how they are coming across to their team and enable them to make any necessary adjustments to their behaviours. It will help them develop the personal skills to create an engaging workplace climate and build trust-based relationships with each team member to develop and bring out the best in them and enhance their workplace performance.

Benefits to the delegate

  • Expands their understanding of employee engagement in a team and individual context and what is required to build an engaging workplace climate
  • Develops the skills required to build trust-based relationships with each team member to bring out the best in them
  • Fosters an objective appreciation of how their management practice may be affecting engagement levels, and hence performance outcomes, of their teams

Benefits to the organisation

  • Increases employee engagement levels, which correlates with productivity, sickness absence, attrition, innovation and customer advocacy
  • Improves the atmosphere of the workplace, giving people the sense that their well-being is important, they are appreciated for their contribution, and are being developed to bring out their full potential
  • Complements internal performance management processes as the course focuses on increasing engagement
    levels, which leads to increased effort and performance


All managers and team leaders with responsibility for managing people and/or projects.


Delegates review their own behaviours and identify actions they can take to increase their effectiveness as a NextGen manager aligned to the CHOICE engagement model

Successful completion results in the Certificate in NextGen Management by The British Institute for Learning & Development


The programme is split into various parts.

Part 1 is The Reality-Check workshop (1 day) which introduces delegates to the new management paradigm, the key drivers of engagement and the Rules of Engagement. They will have an opportunity to reflect on their teams and receive the results of the MY CHOICE workplace survey. Delegates will take away specific actions to complete across the following 6 weeks in preparation for part 2.

Part 2 is the NextGen Manager workshop (2 day classroom) where delegates are introduced to CHOICE engagement model. After a 8-12 week gap, whereby delegates implement actions with their team, they attend the Progress-Check Workshop (1 day classroom) to review progress and experiences.

The MY CHOICE workplace survey is conducted with delegates’ direct reports before part 1 and part 3. The survey focuses on what happens to individuals in the workplace and how they feel about it. This informs managers what actions they need to take in order to better engage both individuals and team.

What will delegates learn?

Across the Programme, delegates will explore

The NextGen management paradigm

  • The traditional management paradigm and the impact that outdated management practices have on engagement
  • How the three Rules of Engagement can inform the management practice of a NextGen Manager
  • Why trust is the basis of all successful relationships and why managers need to ‘go first’
  • What engagement really means to an individual and the six universal drivers of engagement that are addressed in the NextGen leadership model, CHOICE
  • Exploring the characteristics of a NextGen Manager and identifying behaviours to stop, start and continuing doing

Understanding the perception gap

  • An insight into the manager’s attitudes and behaviours and the reality gap that often results and techniques to help bridge the reality gap
  • The impact that managers exert over the engagement and effort levels of their direct reports
  • The importance of getting to know each individual so as to understand the personal drivers they are working to, that inform how they feel they are being treated at work

Focusing on the importance of the emotional climate

  • The vital importance that emotions play in an individual’s decision to invest discretionary effort
  • How the climate that a manager creates can either foster a ‘go-the-extra-mile’ team attitude leading to continuous performance improvement, or a ‘do-the-bare-minimum’ approach with mediocre results

Creating engagement through applying the CHOICE model

  • How the CHOICE Principles help managers to meet the six key drivers of engagement in their daily interactions, whether on an individual or team basis
  • How CHOICE is a trust-building engine which fosters a climate of willing innovation, creativity and increased performance
  • Ways to demonstrate a caring attitude to each one, creating a sense of value and appreciation
  • What attitudes and behaviours indicate an honest and fair manager
  • How being receptive to inputs from team members engenders open communication
  • Learning how to involve team members in decisions so as to gain their buy-in to desired outcomes
  • How adopting a coaching style of management can assist each individual to achieve their own goals as aligned with the team’s and organisation’s objectives
  • Considering ways to maintain an ethical approach, ‘doing what’s right’, to build trust and loyalty in the manager and the organisation

NextGen – a catalyst for organisational change

This programme has been shown to bring about sustainable behavioural change for hundreds of managers from a wide spread of organisations in the private and public sectors. Successful completion leads to Certification awarded by The British Institute for Learning and Development, which also externally verifies the programme,

More than simply an individual development course for managers, however, NextGen can provide a sound foundation for organisations wishing to enhance their culture so as to encourage innovation and high performance.

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