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Engaging your Online Learners

In this interactive online session, you will gain some valuable hints and tips on how to:

1) Improve engagement, focus and rapport with your online learners
2) Learn how to create a participative and interactive environment
3) Discover useful insights, tips and tools from other online facilitators
4) Access 30 minutes of free content followed by additional Q&A time with our digital experts

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Objective Setting with Rob Jones

In this interactive session, Rob will cover:

1) The benefits of having clear learning objectives

2) The three elements of a concise objective

3) How objectives have helped other organisations

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Living the Freelance Dream with Lisa Emmington

In this interactive session you will find out what a day in the life of a Freelancer includes from finding work, to quoting/planning/designing and delivering courses.

Whether you're a freelancer, looking for a change of career or you use freelancers within your organisation this webinar is for you!

Perspective + Behaviour = Challenge with Paul Berrington

During this interactive webinar, Paul considers what kinds of behaviour might present challenges to learning.

He then explores strategies to overcome these challenges to help you create a positive learning environment for yourself and your learners.

Digital Learning with Sharon Litterick and Andy Blake

In this webinar Sharon and Andy cover:

1) Why e-learning is becoming more popular and the benefits of doing it

2) How the TAP team can help you decide whether it's the right route for you

3) The four e-learning courses we cover here at The Training Foundation

LearningNowTV with Colin Steed

In this session, Colin Steed shares how LearningNowTV became a Global Success Story in an interview-style webinar with Louise & Laura from The Training Foundation. Topics that Colin covers during the webinar:

1) How LearningNowTV works and the benefits

2) The exciting networking opportunites within LNTV

3) Why Videos and Live TV Channels are becoming more popular than self-paced learning

4) The changes we're seeing in L&D and the impact it will have in the future

In this fast-paced session, Colin will be sharing plenty of useful facts and tips along the way so make sure you've got plenty of paper and a couple of pens handy.

Never Stop Learning with Daryl Willett

Daryl shares how he went from zero to hero with Fidessa and TAP to become an L&D Consultant. 

If you can relate to any of the following statements then this webinar is for you:

1) You’re interested in developing your skills but you’re not sure where to start.

2) You’ve attended some courses but you’re looking for further development.

3) You want to upskill your team.

4) You’ve heard of TAP but you’re not sure what the benefits are for you or the organisation.

Daryl explains how TAP increased his capability, impacted his results and how his career (and in-turn his life!) completely transformed.

He breaks down the steps he took in the early days and the decisions he made to get to where he is now (some of these may surprise you!)

Looking for a new LMS? with Laura Layton-James and Louise Talbot

Finding just the right LMS (learning management system) can be a minefield. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, the acquisition of a new LMS isn’t going to be a quick task either and those of us who have been there, done that, and bought several T-shirts, have learned lessons along the way. 

This 30-minute TAP live session will bring together your experiences to share questions you’d ask, tips to succeed and to learn from each other…ready for the next time.  If you would like a specific slot on the session to share your experiences, get in touch with (add email) … but we’ll be facilitating an open discussion with all who join.

TAP Question Time

As the Webinar suggests this is a question time panel, consisting of TAP Director of Training, Paul Edmondson, and more.

View this Webinar to find out what questions people are asking in todays L&D world, you never know, the burning question that you have may have been covered in this webinar.


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