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Apprenticeships in L&D

The Government has changed the way in which apprenticeships are funded in England - since April 2017, an apprenticeship levy has been applied to all English employers with an annual wage bill of £3 million or more.

Those employers will contribute 0.5% of their payroll bill, minus a £15,000 Government allowance. The levy applies to employers whether they offer apprenticeships or not.

Employers annual payroll of £5 million:
Levy sum: 0.5% x £5,000,000 = £25,000
Applied Allowance: £25,000 – £15,000 = £10,000 levy payment

The levy will be collected monthly by HMRC through PAYE, with funds becoming accessible to the employer (for apprenticeship training) through the online Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS).


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