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Do you want to ensure that your organisation is truly getting the performance and productivity it deserves from managers and their teams? Are you achieving the desired ‘return on expectation’ from your current management and leadership training? 

In 2006, The Training Foundation commenced a research initiative to identify what it takes to be, not just a technically competent manager, but a manager who fosters genuinely high levels of engagement. It also explored the impact, positive or negative, that a manager has on the performance and motivation of her team. The evidence appears clear; traditional management practices based on ‘command and control’ are completely outdated and a radical shift of approach is desirable.

This shift focuses on a manager’s ability to create a ‘positive emotional climate’ - an engaging one which meets the employee’s ‘emotional needs’. 

The research resulted in the development of the Six Drivers of Employee Engagement and a White Paper titled ‘The Rules of Engagement’. The 21st Century next generation approach to management practice or ‘NextGen Management’ was born. 

Talk to us about our Nextgen Management Programme. Give managers at all levels the skills to develop a positive and engaging climate that leads to even greater levels of performance and productivity. Call us on 02476 411288 for a no obligation discussion.

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