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TAP has gained an enviable solid reputation as an organisation that delivers high quality, robust development programmes that have impact in the L&D community.

Whilst our products and services have proved attractive to organisations across industries in the public and private sectors, we recognise that for a variety of reasons, many of our clients don’t have the internal capability (or desire) to design their own face to face training materials or benchmark themselves against best-practise standards.

We also occasionally receive requests for support that are a little different and ‘out of the box’ to the ‘off the shelf’ programmes available from our Skills Qualifications Framework.

The team at TAP are happy to consider all requests for L&D-related services and can now offer to design your training materials to best-practise TAP standards; develop a tailored programme to meet your specific needs; and provide a consultancy service, diagnosing ways to improve your efficiency and capability.

Call one of the team now on 02476 411288 or click here to schedule a call.

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