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Training Delivery Part A - New to Training

This is a starter programme for anyone beginning their career in training. Trainers first need to have an understanding of how people learn. Then, they need the skills to engage with the learners and deliver learning in ways that encourage both retention and application. This programme provides the new or inexperienced trainer with the knowledge and skills required to deliver interactive and participative classroom training, underpinned by a sound understanding of a wide range of learning theories, and helps trainers to consider strategies to manage behaviours that can impact the achievement of the session objective.

Course Duration - 5 days

Course Fee - £1650+vat

Training Delivery Part A - For Experienced Trainers

This course enables experienced trainers to further develop their skills in delivering training, assessed against measurable, objective criteria. This practical, skills-based course offers a structured approach to planning and delivering training. It is important for even the most experienced trainer to refresh their training delivery skills to ensure effective transfer of learning. The course has the primary goal of encouraging self-assessment to reinforce the experienced trainer's delivery skills, and helps trainers to consider strategies to manage behaviours that can impact the achievement of the session objectives.

Course Duration - 3 days

Course fee - £1440+vat

Training Delivery Part B - Engaging with Learners

Optimising learning transfer through structure, subject matter knowledge and training skills is no longer enough, trainers also need to demonstrate interpersonal skills which stimulate learner motivation and engagement.

The workshop is the culmination of a two year research project into what differentiates great trainers from the crowd and is the vital next step in any trainer’s development, usually following achievement of the TAP Certificate in Training Delivery Part A. Focuses on building trainers’ self-awareness and the critical factors to create an empathic, learner-centred climate and the Six Principles of CHOICE® which are based on the six key drivers of learner engagement that reflect innate and universal human needs.

Course Duration: 2 days

Course fee - £860+vat

Learning Needs Analysis

This course offers a structured approach to identifying learning needs to ensure quality in the design of learning interventions (often referred to as training needs analysis).

Accurately discerning learning and the business needs enables solutions to address performance gaps between what a target group currently knows or does and what the organisation requires it to know or do.

Course Duration - 2 days

Course fee - £860+vat

Articulate Storyline

This course introduces Articulate Storyline and provides the delegate with everything they need to get started with developing their own e-Learning content. This course is very practical and delegates will develop an example eLearning module from start to finish.

This gives the opportunity to experience all the development stages in order from setting up a template, adding content through to finally publishing.

Course duration - 2 days

Course fee - £650+vat

L&D Consultancy Skills

Increasing numbers of experienced L&D professionals now play the role of L&D Consultants, managing a network of relationships with internal client groups. This involves dealing with incoming requests for training programmes, working in a consultative capacity with senior stakeholders to clarify business needs and confirming the nature of any associated solutions.

The key objective of this challenging role is to agree best-practice solutions that employ the optimum blend of resources and that meet the needs of the business in a cost-effective manner. However, the skills and knowledge required to provide effective L&D consultancy do not necessarily come naturally to all trainers.

Course duration - 3 days

Course fee - £1290+vat


This course offers a structured yet flexible approach to training design and development which encourages a consistent approach to designing effective learning events.

TAP’s best-practice design model builds upon the analysis undertaken during the LNA phase and ensures that learning design addresses the real needs of the business and the people working in it.

Course duration - 3 days

Course fee - £1290+vat

Managing Learning Transfer

Organisational learning is now more strategically important than ever before. The L&D Function is increasingly under the spotlight to prove that their learning interventions demonstrably improve workplace performance. Yet it is widely reported that less than 20% of learning is actually being applied on the job. The key issue is the absence of a coherent Learning Transfer System. Improving this situation offers all Heads of L&D and their teams perhaps the single greatest opportunity to spearhead improved business performance, whilst also enhancing their own credibility and status across the organisation. Through the implementation of the MACRO Learning Transfer System, Senior L&D Managers and Consultants are able to drive more effective learning interventions that are far more likely to result in measurable performance improvement.

Course duration - 2 days

Course fee - £1290+vat

Leading the L&D Function

L&D is becoming far more strategic than ever before and important business and regulatory drivers are now leading many organisations to take employee training more seriously. At the same time, the rapid pace of business change demands constant monitoring and review of the L&D strategy. All of this is making the effective management of an L&D function highly important, yet also challenging. Managers are expected to help define, absorb and communicate strategic changes to their teams and to sustain team motivation and capability against a background which frequently involves organisational restructuring.

Managers are also expected to adopt new learning technologies, operating models, procedures and processes, often without a great deal of support. They are expected to operate best-practice L&D processes and report results in a form that is meaningful to senior management.

Course duration - 3 days

Course fee - £1290+vat

Creating Visual Impact

This workshop will help L&D professionals or those involved in producing visual material communicate a powerful visual message. The principles covered can be applied to slides for training courses, presentations, webinars, online presentations and e-Learning*. It ensures that slide designs are effective and stimulating regardless of subject matter or any IT presentation tools that are available and will be transferable when designing other support material.

* Please note: this course provides you with the core principles of visual design, rather than principles of e-Learning design, which are covered on the e-Learning Design course.

Course duration - 2 days

Course fee - £860+vat

Recertification day for Training Delivery - Part A

Please click the button below for more information on Recertification days.

Assessing TAP Delivery

This course gives organisations the opportunity to objectively assess training delivery skills from style, structure and balance perspectives, based upon the TAP methodologies.

This course leads to the TAP Certificate in Assessing TAP Delivery.

The Certificate’s one-year expiry date maintains TAP’s quality assurance procedures and ensures that TAP Accreditation remains dynamic and current. Delegates will be invited to attend an Assessor Verification day.

Course duration - 4 days

Course fee - £1600+VAT

TAP Assessor Verification for Assessing TAP Delivery

This day gives holders of the TAP Certificate in Assessing TAP Delivery the opportunity to renew their Certificate which is valid for 12 months and which, under the Code of Practice, is a requirement to renew. Certified Assessors will review how to objectively assess training delivery skills from style, structure and balance perspectives, based upon the TAP methodologies.

Course duration - 1 day

Course fee - £350+VAT

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